Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

American actress
Date of Birth: 27.03.1969
Country: USA

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  2. Early Life
  3. Acting Career
  4. Other Endeavors
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Biography of Pauley Perrette

Early Life

Pauley Perrette, an American actress, writer, and civil rights advocate, was born in New Orleans. She grew up in various southern states, including Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

Pauley Perrette

Acting Career

Perrette started her acting career in commercials, voiceovers, music videos, and short films. She worked as a bartender in New York to support herself. In 2001, she landed a recurring role in the second season of the series "Special Unit 2" as Ellis Krammer, a public relations liaison. Soon after, she gained fame for her role as Abby Sciuto, an eccentric forensic scientist, in the series "NCIS" (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). Her character was first introduced in a two-episode crossover with the show "JAG."

Pauley Perrette

Other Endeavors

In addition to acting, Perrette is known for her work as a poet, writer, photographer, and conversational artist. She is passionate about music and fights for civil rights. In 2007, she produced a documentary film about Mark Lane, an American civil rights activist and writer. Perrette has also been involved in various charitable organizations, supporting animal rescues, the American Red Cross, and movements for LGBTQ+ rights.

Pauley Perrette

Education and Personal Life

Perrette's childhood fascination with crime stories led her to study sociology, psychology, and criminology. She earned a master's degree in criminology before pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. She currently works as a forensic scientist, a childhood dream come true.

Pauley Perrette married her boyfriend, Michael Bosman, in Hollywood on Valentine's Day 2009. Their wedding was a charitable event, sponsored by the "Angel Food" project. Prior to this, Perrette was married to actor and musician Coyote Shivers for three years, but the marriage ended in divorce. She now has a restraining order against Shivers.