Pete Murray

Pete Murray

Australian author and performer
Date of Birth: 11.11.1973
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Pete Murray
  2. Early Life and Sports Career
  3. Transition to Music
  4. Record Contracts and Success
  5. Personal Life

Biography of Pete Murray

Pete Murray is an Australian songwriter and performer, with three albums that reached number one on the Australian music charts. He has been nominated multiple times for the national music award, ARIA Music Awards, and several of his songs have been in the top ten in Australia. Murray's first LP, 'Feeler', was released in the summer of 2003 and reached number one a few months after its release. His next album, 'See The Sun', also achieved the same success, with all of its singles receiving extensive airplay. Murray's third and most recent studio album, 'Summer at Eureka', was released in May 2008. Throughout his musical career, Murray has sold over a million copies of his records. He cites musicians such as Nick Drake, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan as his biggest influences.

Pete Murray

Early Life and Sports Career

Peter Kenneth Murray was born on November 11, 1973, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He attended the private Catholic boys' school, St Joseph's College, Nudgee, located in Boondall, one of Brisbane's suburbs. Murray discovered a rare talent for sports in school, excelling in rugby, athletics, and swimming. He even played for the Brisbane rugby club 'Norths' for a while. Unfortunately, Murray's father passed away while the 18-year-old Peter was competing in the Australian Swimming Championships in the 400-meter event.

Pete Murray

Transition to Music

While sitting on the sidelines, Murray taught himself to play the guitar, despite being 22 years old at the time. He practiced extensively, and his playing quickly improved. Eventually, he gained enough confidence to bring his guitar to parties and barbecues and sing a few songs by Neil Young and 'Crowded House'. Despite his growing interest in music, Murray was more intrigued by sports medicine and traveling. However, many acquaintances told him that he was talented and could have a successful music career, which led Murray to pursue music. He performed small concerts across the country with flutist Col McIntyre, eventually forming a band. The keyboardist of this group, Ben McCarthy, continues to work with Murray to this day.

Record Contracts and Success

In 2002, Murray released an independent album called 'The Game' in Brisbane and moved to Melbourne to further his music career. In early 2003, Murray signed a contract with Sony BMG Australia. His debut commercial album, 'Feeler', was recorded with producer Paul McKercher and his group consisting of bassist and keyboardist Ben McCarthy, drummer Christian Sargent, and guitarist Paul Tyrell. The album was released on July 21, 2003, with the title track as the lead single, which gained airplay on Triple J and entered the ARIA charts' top 50. Murray's popularity grew rapidly, and he began appearing on various shows and events, performing live concerts.

Following the success of his album, Murray recorded his second single, 'Lines', and was nominated for two ARIA awards. 'Feeler' achieved platinum status, and his song 'So Beautiful' reached the top ten on Australian radio in 2004, further boosting album sales. Murray's first album sold over half a million copies by 2008. He embarked on a major Australian tour, which required nine additional performances due to high demand. His second album, 'See the Sun', sold over 350,000 copies and produced two notable hits, 'Opportunity' and 'Better Days'. Murray's third album, 'Summer at Eureka', was released on May 17, 2008, and reached number one on the national chart by May 26.

Personal Life

Pete Murray married Amanda Coutts in Eureka, New South Wales, on October 7, 2006. However, in July 2009, it was announced that the couple had separated and shared custody of their two young sons.