Peter Friedrich

Peter Friedrich

Country: Austria

  1. Peter Friedrich - Biography of a Diplomat
  2. A Link to CIA Operations?

Peter Friedrich - Biography of a Diplomat

Peter Friedrich, the Swiss Ambassador to Luxembourg, found himself in a detention center for 38 days. The 60-year-old diplomat, suspected of money laundering $750,000 allegedly obtained from individuals involved in drug trafficking in Spain, denies his guilt and demonstrates confidence in his own innocence. From prison, he was released on a substantial bail. He stated that he remains "an ambassador" and continues to receive a diplomat's salary. However, the investigation is ongoing, and in recent weeks, numerous versions of the high-profile case have emerged in local media.

A Link to CIA Operations?

It has been discovered that this diplomat, who served as an ambassador in Havana from 1995 to 1999, allegedly played a role in financing covert CIA operations, including those targeted against Cuba. The suspect himself claims that he was simply engaged in financial transactions. According to the statement made by his lawyer, Jean-Claude Juncker, the ambassador became a victim of intelligence services. His "case," emphasized the defense attorney, was promoted by the Luxembourg authorities who wanted to demonstrate their determination to combat money laundering. This issue has become increasingly acute on the international stage. Neither Luxembourg nor Switzerland, whose liberal banking systems are highly attractive to capital, including from dubious origins, can ignore the calls from the United States and the European Union to strengthen controls. Therefore, the efforts of these two countries prove, according to Juncker's words, that "even an ambassador can be accused."