Poppy Butcher

Poppy Butcher

An elderly British woman, the owner of a radio purchased in 1948
Country: Great Britain

Poppy Butcher: The Woman Who Has Kept Her Radio for Over 65 Years

Poppy Butcher is an 84-year-old British woman who gained attention in the spring of 2013. It turns out that Poppy still regularly listens to the radio she bought in... 1948. Her Bush Bakelite receiver has faithfully served her for over 65 years, and Poppy insists that she has no plans to replace it in the near future - the receiver simply works perfectly.

Born and raised in Weymouth, Dorset, Poppy Butcher purchased the radio in 1948 for £12 and 10 shillings, which was equivalent to two weeks' wages for a young couple like herself and her husband, John. The couple spent their entire lives together with this receiver. Now, ten years since John's passing, Poppy has no intention of parting with her beloved possession.

Despite the radio requiring repairs a few times over the years, it still functions and holds its rightful place in Poppy's living room. She firmly believes that she cannot trust modern 'disposable' technology, dismissing the warranties that are given when purchasing new gadgets as mere empty promises. In contrast, Poppy's radio has been guaranteed for a lifetime, a fact she proudly emphasizes.

The radio holds the warmest and most cherished memories of Poppy's life. She recalls that after their wedding, she and John had nothing but a room in her aunt's house and the radio. It was their only source of entertainment during that time, and they spared no expense to acquire the best receiver, even if it meant spending two weeks' wages on it.

Although the couple eventually purchased their first television in the late 1950s, the habit of listening to the radio prevailed. For many years, Poppy and John preferred the radio over television, as it provided them with both information and entertainment. They relied on the radio to stay updated with the latest news and to listen to the newest music releases.

Now, Poppy treasures her radio even more. Besides being a reliable companion, it has also become a sort of celebrity. Interestingly, Poppy still uses the receiver out of habit, turning it on several times a week. This incredible radio has been in operation for 65 years, and Poppy insists that it is still in perfect working condition.