Quek Leng Chan

Quek Leng Chan

Head of Hong Leong Group
Country: Malaysia

Biography of Kwek Leng Chan

Kwek Leng Chan, the chairman of Hong Leong Group, is a renowned Malaysian entrepreneur and billionaire. He is considered one of the most influential and wealthy individuals in the world, earning a spot on the list of global billionaires. According to Forbes magazine, his personal wealth is estimated to be around $2.9 billion.

Currently, Hong Leong Group is a multinational conglomerate consisting of fourteen diverse subsidiaries engaged in various sectors, including banking, financial services, semiconductor manufacturing, and ceramics production. Throughout its existence, the organization has undergone transformations and restructurings. Recently, Hong Leong Group sold one of its subsidiaries, OYL Industries, to the Japanese organization Daikin for over $2 billion.

Under Kwek Leng Chan's leadership, the company values its integrity and dedication to its mission. Moreover, a strong corporate culture is paramount, fostering unity within the company and propelling it towards new heights.

One of the branches of Hong Leong Group is Guoco Group, an investment organization led by Kwek Leng Chan since 1990. Its main activities include investments and treasury management, property development and financial operations, commodity trading, insurance, advisory services, banking, and other significant actions. Most of these operations are carried out within Hong Kong.

In addition, Kwek Leng Chan serves as the chairman and CEO of Hong Leong Company (Malaysia) Berhad ("HLCM"). He is also the chairman of HL Holdings Sdn Bhd.

With extensive business experience in various sectors, including financial services and real estate, Kwek Leng Chan's contributions are highly valued by both his company and competing firms. His expertise and leadership have solidified his position as a prominent figure in the global business landscape.