Ralf Lau

Ralf Lau

German chess player, grandmaster
Date of Birth: 19.10.1959
Country: Germany

  1. Biography of Ralph Lau
  2. Chess Career
  3. Other Interests

Biography of Ralph Lau

Ralph Lau is a German chess player and grandmaster. He achieved the grandmaster title in 1986 and represented the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) in three Olympiads from 1984 to 1988.

Chess Career

Lau's notable performances include finishing 4th-5th in the FIDE Zonal Tournament in Munich in 1987. He also achieved impressive results in various international competitions, such as finishing 1st-5th in Ribnita in 1979, 1st-3rd in Dortmund in 1980, and 2nd-4th in Wilhelmshaven in 1981. In West Berlin in 1984, Lau secured a 2nd place finish, and in Pernik in the same year, he achieved 3rd-6th place. He also had strong showings in tournaments like Sindelfingen in 1984 (2nd-3rd place), Beer Sheva in 1985 (2nd-3rd place in the zonal tournament), Budapest in 1985 (1st-2nd place), Budapest in 1986 (1st place), Budapest in 1987 (2nd place), New York in 1985 (2nd-3rd place), and Polanica-Zdroj in 1986 (3rd-4th place).

Other Interests

In addition to his chess career, Ralph Lau has also shown an interest in extreme racing. He has been involved in extreme racing events, showcasing his passion for adrenaline-filled sports.