Raphael Wicky

Raphael Wicky

Former Swiss football player
Date of Birth: 26.04.1977
Country: Switzerland

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Biography of Rafael Wicky

Rafael Wicky is a former Swiss footballer who is known for his performances for the German club "Hamburg" and the Swiss national team. He has also played for clubs such as "Atletico" (Madrid), "Werder" (Bremen), "Sion", "Hamburg", and "Chivas USA", with the latter being his last club before retiring at the age of 31 due to constant injuries.

Wicky made his debut for the national team at the age of 19 in the 1996 European Championship. One of his best games for the national team took place on October 11, 2003, when Switzerland played against Ireland.

Personal Life

Outside of football, Wicky enjoys skiing and has mentioned that if he had not pursued a career in football, he would have become a skiing instructor. He also has a passion for fast driving and racing cars. In addition to these interests, he has a profession as an office worker and is actively studying foreign languages.

Interesting Facts

During his time at Werder Bremen, Wicky experienced early morning training sessions at 6:30 am, which he considered to be a heroic feat imposed by the team's head coach, Felix Magath.

Wicky considers Diego Maradona to be the greatest footballer of all time. He also regards a match he played for the children's team "Shteg" as the best game he has ever witnessed.

In both his club and national team, Wicky is affectionately known as "Rafi".