Rie Rasmussen

Rie Rasmussen

Model, actress, director, writer
Date of Birth: 14.02.1978
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Rie Rasmussen
  2. Early Career
  3. Transition to Acting
  4. Acting Success and Directing Career
  5. Photography and Writing
  6. Conclusion

Biography of Rie Rasmussen

Rie Rasmussen is a well-known model, actress, director, and writer. She is also recognized for her photography work under the pseudonym Lilly Dillon, inspired by one of her favorite authors, Jim Thompson, and his novel "The Grifters". Rie was born on February 14, 1978, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rie Rasmussen

Early Career

Rie's beauty was first noticed when she was fifteen years old, while vacationing in New York. Her Scandinavian beauty quickly made her highly sought after as a model. She began working in the fashion industry and participated in runway shows for renowned fashion houses such as Gucci and Victoria's Secret.

Rie Rasmussen

Transition to Acting

After some time as a successful model, Rie decided to explore acting. She attended film school to study screenwriting and directing. Her breakthrough in the film industry came with her role as Veronica in Brian De Palma's erotic thriller "Femme Fatale", which starred supermodel Rebecca Romijn. Rie considers Rebecca Romijn her best friend.

Rie Rasmussen

In 2004, Rie appeared in two short films, which she both directed and wrote. One of them, "Il vestito", and the other, "Thinning the Herd", both featured Travis Marchall. "Thinning the Herd" was officially selected in more than 20 film festivals worldwide, including the Cannes Film Festival, where it received a nomination for the Palme d'Or.

Rie Rasmussen

Acting Success and Directing Career

In 2005, Rie played one of the lead roles in Luc Besson's film "Angel-A". At a press conference, Besson shared how Rie skillfully deceived him during the casting process, claiming she could speak French fluently. Nonetheless, the stunning blonde Rie appeared in Besson's film as an angelic woman who jumps into the Seine River and promises to help the man who saved her solve all his problems.

Rie made her directorial debut with the film "Human Zoo" in 2009. She also wrote and produced the film, which was selected for the Panorama section at the Berlin International Film Festival. "Human Zoo" was inspired by the story of her foster sister from Vietnam, who strives to obtain citizenship amidst the conflict in Kosovo.

Photography and Writing

Rie's book about art and photography, titled "Grafiske Historier", was published under the pseudonym Lilly Dillon, a character from Jim Thompson's novel "The Grifters". Her photography work has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Italian and French Vogue, as well as Vs magazine. Rie has also collaborated with renowned lingerie company Victoria's Secret.

In addition to her creative projects, Rie occasionally directs and writes surf-skate videos. She continues to explore her talents beyond modeling and acting, demonstrating that her beauty is just one facet of her multifaceted personality.


Rie Rasmussen is a multi-talented individual who has successfully transitioned from the world of modeling to acting and directing. With her distinct Scandinavian beauty, Rie has made a name for herself in the fashion industry and has expanded her artistic endeavors to include photography, writing, and filmmaking. Her creative projects showcase her diverse talents and prove that she is much more than just a model.