Roland Burris

Roland Burris

Senator from Illinois.
Date of Birth: 03.08.1937
Country: USA

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Biography of Roland Burris

Roland Wallace Burris, born on August 3, 1937, in Southern Illinois, is an American politician and former senator from the state of Illinois. He is known for being the successor to the current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and is the only African-American to be sworn in as a senator after January 15, 2009.

Roland Burris

Early Life and Education

Burris grew up in Southern Illinois and graduated from Centralia High School in 1955. He then attended the University of Illinois, where he earned a prestigious bachelor's degree in political science. In 1963, Burris received a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law, further enhancing his educational background.


After completing law school, Burris began working in the banking industry and further honed his skills by visiting various states in the United States, including Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. From 1964 to 1973, he actively worked at the Continental Illinois National Bank and later at the Trust Company (now Bank of America). In 1973, Burris was appointed as the governor of Illinois and served in this position until 1977. He also maintained a successful legal practice during this time, particularly in the late 1970s. Currently, Burris continues his legal career, showcasing his expertise and professionalism.

Political Career

On December 14, 2008, Roland Burris proposed his own candidacy for the position of senator in Illinois. He has since embarked on his new responsibilities as a senator. Throughout his career, Burris has received numerous awards and accolades, including recognition from various legal associations, honorary doctorates, and prestigious positions.

Personal Life

Roland Wallace Burris is married and has two adult children. He is also a grandfather to one grandchild. Family values have always held a significant place in Burris's life, and he has been dedicated to promoting family unity. For instance, he has already constructed a family mausoleum in Chicago and has made arrangements for the future epitaph on his own tombstone.