Rong Rong

Rong Rong

Chinese contemporary artist and photographer
Country: China

  1. Biography of Rong Rong
  2. Emergence in the Art Scene
  3. Exploration of Themes
  4. Establishment of New Photo Magazine
  5. Continued Work and International Collaborations

Biography of Rong Rong

Rong Rong is a Chinese contemporary artist and photographer who gained immense popularity after publishing a series of photographs depicting the life in poor districts of Beijing and the lives of other artists and their work. Born in 1968 in Fujian province, Rong Rong grew up in poverty, often lacking money for basic necessities. Despite the financial hardships, his passion for photography led him to work for three years to save up and buy his first camera.

 Rong Rong

Emergence in the Art Scene

In the early 1990s, Rong Rong, along with other artists and photographers, emerged on the scene, receiving recognition for their work in the East Village, a community located in eastern Beijing. This previously impoverished area transformed into the center of contemporary art, gaining worldwide fame. Rong Rong's early photographs captured the life and struggles of the people in these communities, offering a unique perspective on China, far from the tourist areas.

 Rong Rong

Exploration of Themes

In 2000, Rong Rong's artistic direction took a significant turn when he met inri, a graduate of the Photography Institute in Tokyo, who would later become his wife. Together, they continued to experiment and explore the changing world around them through the lens of their cameras. Their photographs often emphasize the emptiness of the modern world compared to the richness of the past and the lifelessness of new thinking, which takes away the essence of people and places.

Establishment of New Photo Magazine

In 1996, Rong Rong founded the magazine "New Photo," which became the leading publication on contemporary art in China. Despite facing difficulties in obtaining official permission for printing, the magazine was published through the efforts of the editors and photographers, showcasing the work of talented artists and photographers.

Continued Work and International Collaborations

Currently, Rong Rong continues to live and work in China, frequently traveling abroad to organize exhibitions and collaborate with other photographers and artists. His influence on the rapidly evolving contemporary art scene in China has solidified his position as one of the country's leading figures. Rong Rong's photographs serve as a powerful reflection of the socio-economic changes and cultural transitions occurring in China today.