Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele

American film actress
Date of Birth: 16.09.1988
Country: USA

  1. American actress Sarah Steele
  2. Early Success and Career

American actress Sarah Steele

Sarah Steele is an American actress, best known for her role as Bernice in the romantic drama film "Spanglish" starring Adam Sandler. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father, George, was a doctor specialized in nutrition and diets. In 2006, she graduated from the Episcopal Academy, a highly popular private school in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Notably, the renowned film director and Academy Award winner M. Night Shyamalan also attended the same school. While at school, Sarah tried her hand at singing but did not excel in that field, although she did perform multiple times at the Episcopal Academy Chapel. Currently, she is studying at Columbia University in New York.

Sarah Steele

Early Success and Career

After her breakthrough role in "Spanglish" (which she obtained after a grueling selection process among over two thousand talented young actresses), Sarah Steele continued to act. She landed a role in an episode of the detective series "Law & Order" and appeared in two films: "Good Student" with Hayden Panettiere, Tim Daly, and Dan Hedaya, and "Margaret" with Matt Damon, Matthew Broderick, Anna Paquin, Mark Ruffalo, and Allison Janney. More recently, Sarah Steele participated in the theatrical production of "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie," which ran for several months at the Ecorn Theater, and in the play "Speech & Debate." Despite her evident acting talent, Sarah faces certain challenges with some roles. "I can't play something I don't believe in," she says. "I need to fully understand the character's motivations; it's crucial to believe that such a person could exist. I often doubt if I can be an actress at all. I think I was just very, very lucky with the role of Bernice." For her role as the overweight Bernice, Sarah had to gain weight. Of course, a "fat suit" made of silk and spandex provided some assistance, but the actress also gained a significant amount of weight herself. Being the daughter of a nutritionist, she knew exactly how to gain and lose weight. Hamburgers from local McDonald's helped Sarah better immerse herself in the role. "I felt that I had to understand Bernice. You know, there are so many films about beautiful, slim, long-legged and fair-haired people... they are not taken seriously. Sometimes it's useful to step into the shoes of a chubby girl and look at the world from a different perspective."