Serhio Aguero

Serhio Aguero

Argentine footballer who started his career at Independiente and now plays for Atlético Madrid. Participant of the 2008 Olympics.
Date of Birth: 02.06.1988
Country: Argentina

Biography of Sergio Aguero

Sergio Aguero, an Argentine footballer, began his career at "Independiente" and currently plays for "Atletico Madrid". He participated in the 2008 Olympics. Sergio Aguero was born on June 2, 1988, in Kilmes, one of the ancient parts of Greater Buenos Aires. Barrio de Flores, also known as the Flower Quarter, was not considered one of the most prosperous areas in the capital of Argentina. Sergio grew up in poverty, in a high-crime neighborhood, with a large family struggling to make ends meet. Football became his only entertainment and a way to escape the realities of his small town. Although Sergio didn't have much interest in academics, he enjoyed math and English in school.

After returning home from school, Sergio would go to the courtyard to play football with his friends until late in the evening. Despite being physically inferior to his older opponents, Sergio would outplay them with his technique and agility. It was during these matches that Sergio honed his skills, which would later become his trademark. He also developed an unwavering character and resilience while playing in the tough neighborhood. Despite facing constant physical abuse from older opponents, Sergio didn't let it break his spirit and instead responded with goals. He was determined to become a football star.

Sergio's nickname, "Kun," originated from a Japanese cartoon character named Kum Kum, which Sergio tried to imitate. His younger siblings couldn't pronounce the name correctly, resulting in "Kun." This nickname stuck with him, both in his family and among his friends. Sergio combined his street football with training at his beloved "Independiente." In the youth team of "Independiente," Sergio even became a champion of Argentina. He surpassed his peers in football skills and quickly rose to prominence. His breakthrough came when he caught the attention of Francisco Ferraro, the coach of the Argentine youth team. At the age of 17, Sergio was included in the squad for the U-20 World Cup in the Netherlands. Although he was the youngest player in the team, Sergio made an impact, contributing to Argentina's victory in the tournament.

The U-20 World Cup in the Netherlands was a turning point in Sergio's career. He proved to himself and his family that he could compete against older and more experienced opponents. Sergio's performance in the tournament caught the attention of top European clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Manchester United. Even Argentine football legend Diego Maradona demanded Sergio's inclusion in the national team for the World Cup in Germany. However, Sergio didn't make it to the final squad due to fierce competition and the presence of established players like Lionel Messi and Carlos Tevez.

In May 2006, "Independiente" sold Sergio to "Atletico Madrid" for a record fee of 23 million euros. This transfer fee was considered astronomical for both the Argentine league and "Atletico Madrid." The club took a risk by investing such a large sum in Sergio, but they believed in his potential to become a key player and leader for the team. Sergio adapted well to his new surroundings, despite the pressure and high expectations associated with his transfer fee. He quickly established himself as a regular starter and made significant contributions to the team.

Sergio's first season in Europe was impressive for a young newcomer. He played a crucial role in "Atletico Madrid's" performances, although the team struggled overall. Sergio's goals and performances earned him the title of the best player in the 2005 season according to the newspaper "Clarin." Sergio's success continued in the following season, where he replicated his goal-scoring form. He became idolized by "Independiente" fans and was regularly sought after for autographs and photos. Sergio's remarkable performances also caught the attention of European giants, and he was hailed as one of the best young talents in football.

In September 2006, Sergio made his debut for the Argentine national team, coming on as a substitute against Brazil. Although he is not a regular starter in the national team, Sergio has been called up regularly by coach Alfio Basile and has made appearances as a substitute.

In his career, Sergio has achieved several milestones. He became the youngest player in the Argentine first division at the age of 15 years and 35 days, surpassing the record set by Argentine legend Diego Maradona. Sergio was also named the best player of the U-20 World Cup in 2007 and received the FIFA Young Player Award. He was recognized as the best footballer under 21 years old in Europe by the Italian publication Tuttosport.

With his exceptional skills and performances, Sergio Aguero continues to shine in European football and represents one of Argentina's brightest talents. He is considered one of the top strikers in the world and a valuable asset to both "Atletico Madrid" and the Argentine national team.