Stanley Rowley

Stanley Rowley

Australian track and field athlete
Date of Birth: 11.09.1876
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Stanley Rowley
  2. Success at the Olympics

Biography of Stanley Rowley

Stanley Rowley was an Australian track and field athlete who achieved great success in the 1900 Summer Olympics. He was a champion and three-time bronze medalist in various athletic events.

Success at the Olympics

Rowley competed in four track and field events during the Games, earning a medal in each one. On July 14, he participated in the 100m race. After finishing second in the first round, he advanced to the semifinals. He once again secured second place in the semifinals, earning him a spot in the final. However, instead of directly proceeding to the final, the second and third-place finishers had to compete in an additional race. Rowley won this race and qualified for the final, where he ultimately finished in third place, winning the bronze medal.

On July 15, Rowley took part in the 60m race. He placed second in the semifinals and then repeated his third-place finish in the final.

On July 22, Rowley competed in two events - the 200m race and the team race over 5000m. In the sprint race, he initially won the semifinals but ended up in third place in the final, securing his third bronze medal. In the team race, Rowley represented a combined team of British and Australian athletes. Despite finishing last in the race, his team managed to edge out the French team by three points, allowing Rowley to become an Olympic champion.

Through his impressive performances and consistent medal-winning performances, Stanley Rowley established himself as a notable athlete in the history of Australian track and field.