Stefano Bosi

Stefano Bosi

President of the European Table Tennis Union
Country: Italy

  1. President of the European Table Tennis Union Visits Moscow
  2. Meeting with Igor Levitin
  3. St. Petersburg as the Ideal Candidate for Hosting
  4. Table Tennis Popularity
  5. Addressing the Asian Invasion

President of the European Table Tennis Union Visits Moscow

The president of the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU), Stefano Bosi, recently visited Moscow. He heads the largest sports organization on the continent, which includes 57 national federations. In an interview with "Novye Izvestiya," Mr. Bosi shared some pleasant news: the decision to host the 2008 European Championship in St. Petersburg has practically been finalized and will be officially confirmed at the ETTU executive committee meeting in November.

Meeting with Igor Levitin

During his visit, Mr. Bosi met with Igor Levitin, the new president of the Russian Table Tennis Federation. He expressed the need to establish a working relationship and friendly ties with Mr. Levitin, as the Russian federation plays a significant role in shaping table tennis policies and strategies on the continent. Mr. Bosi was impressed by Mr. Levitin's ambitious plans and the enthusiasm with which he and his colleagues have taken on the task. The two presidents have signed a cooperation agreement covering various aspects of the sport.

St. Petersburg as the Ideal Candidate for Hosting

Mr. Bosi believes that St. Petersburg is the ideal candidate for hosting the championship and is not the only one who thinks so. Russia and Italy have already submitted preliminary applications. After learning about the significant changes in the Russian Table Tennis Federation, Mr. Bosi's Italian counterpart, Franco Chianimani, informed him of their decision to withdraw their application in favor of St. Petersburg. Mr. Bosi himself will assist Russia in preparing the necessary documents and guarantees for the final approval of St. Petersburg's candidacy at the ETTU meeting, which will coincide with the "Pro Tour" world series competition held in the city. He has no doubt that the championship will attract a substantial audience, especially if the decisive matches involve players from Russia and Germany, as German fans tend to travel to support their players in major tournaments.

Table Tennis Popularity

Mr. Bosi believes that the European Table Tennis Championship in 2008 will not be overshadowed by the Beijing Olympics, as table tennis will reach its peak of popularity during this period. He acknowledges that table tennis is the number one sport in China and expects significant attention from fans, media, and television during the Olympics. After the Games, he believes there will be a special period of interest in table tennis, further amplifying the excitement surrounding the St. Petersburg championship.

Addressing the Asian Invasion

Regarding the increasing number of medals won by naturalized Chinese players in European championships, Mr. Bosi explains that if a Chinese-born player holds European citizenship, there is no legal basis to prevent them from participating in ETTU tournaments. However, he acknowledges the issue's relevance and shares that the ETTU has chosen a different approach to address it. They have created and actively implemented projects to develop young talents in Europe, such as Eurokids for children under 14 and Eurotalent for those aged 14 to 18. These initiatives involve training camps, tournaments, and the involvement of leading specialists, with significant financial support from the ETTU. One successful event recently took place in Nurlat, Republic of Tatarstan.