Todd Hardy

Todd Hardy

American with lung cancer who beat the disease with a less invasive lobectomy
Country: USA

  1. American with Lung Cancer
  2. Seeking Treatment at CTCA
  3. Choosing CTCA
  4. The Surgery and Recovery
  5. Recovery and Gratitude
  6. Overcoming Fear and Taking Action

American with Lung Cancer

Todd Hardy was a 42-year-old American who was diagnosed with early-stage lung cancer in 2014. This devastating news came after he had been treated for kidney stones. Despite feeling perfectly healthy, Todd claimed that he had never smoked a single cigarette in his life and had no respiratory symptoms. He began searching for information about his type of cancer online, but was unable to find anything specific. Finally, he came across the website of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) and decided to contact them for more information.

Seeking Treatment at CTCA

After sharing his story, Todd received a direct recommendation to call CTCA. A woman answered his call and explained that treatment was available in Chicago. While Todd was not opposed to traveling far to fight his cancer, he was offered the option to go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where CTCA specialists also provided assistance. The next day, Todd embarked on a five-hour journey to Tulsa. Upon arrival, he was diagnosed with the same condition and offered the same treatment originally prescribed to him – a lobectomy to remove the affected part of his lung.

Choosing CTCA

Todd was referred to Dr. Peter Baker, a surgeon who informed him that he had performed many such surgeries. Dr. Baker also revealed that in three weeks, CTCA would receive a new robotic device for surgical procedures. This robotic assistant would make the lobectomy less invasive and less painful, with a shorter recovery time. Todd decided to wait the three weeks and chose CTCA because the doctors took the time to discuss all the treatment details with him. They explained everything in simple terms, ensuring Todd's full understanding. The doctors even listened to Todd when he spoke about his passion for running and weightlifting and offered their opinion on the matter.

The Surgery and Recovery

Dr. Baker was honest with Todd, explaining that after the tumor removal, cancer cells might be found on the surface of the other lung, potentially requiring a more serious operation and an intensive course of chemotherapy. However, Dr. Baker assured Todd that regardless of the outcome, he would find a way to help him continue his sports activities. After the three-week wait, Todd returned to CTCA for the lobectomy. The left lobe of his lung was removed, and the next day, he walked approximately a mile with an IV in his hand and a tube in his chest. Five weeks later, Todd ran five miles.

Recovery and Gratitude

Three months after the surgery, Todd is feeling well. While his recovery is not yet complete, he continues to regularly engage in running and weightlifting. The minor chest pains and itching he experiences, which Dr. Baker attributes to nerve regeneration, are seen as mild side effects that will subside as Todd's body fully heals. Todd attributes much of his rapid recovery to his wife, who understood the importance of leaving the hospital room as soon as possible. She informed the nurses that Todd did not need excessive care, allowing him to get up and walk earlier than expected.

Overcoming Fear and Taking Action

When Todd first heard about his illness, he was scared. Such terrible news can breed the worst thoughts and fears. However, with the support of his wife and the CTCA specialists, he was able to calm down, carefully consider his options, and take action for his own well-being.