Tommy Armour

Tommy Armour

Professional golfer
Date of Birth: 08.10.1959
Country: Great Britain

Biography of Tommy Armour

Tommy Armour was a famous professional golfer whose peak of popularity came in the mid-20th century. He was born on September 24th, 1896 in Edinburgh, Scotland, into a family of bakers. Armour received an excellent education, attending Daniel Stewart's College and later the University of Edinburgh.

Tommy Armour

When World War II broke out, Armour enlisted in the military and bravely served in the artillery and later in the tank forces. During one of the battles, he was injured and lost vision in one eye. Remarkably, this did not affect his exceptional golfing abilities, as Armour's talent for the sport remained unmatched.

In 1919, Armour competed in a golf tournament as an amateur and finished in second place, showcasing his talent. The following year, he married Constance Carrere, with whom he later had two children, and won another amateur golf tournament in France.

In 1921, Armour represented Great Britain in an unofficial match at Hoylake. The next year, he gave a memorable performance for Scotland in a tournament against England, which turned out to be his last appearance in the UK. After that, the talented golfer became a naturalized American citizen and moved to New York, where he joined the Westchester-Biltmore club.

In 1924, Armour turned professional and actively participated in various competitions. Within a short period of time, he rose to prominence, winning tournament after tournament and captivating golf fans with his skill and dexterity. He possessed incredible strength and agility in his hands and fingers, making him a truly remarkable athlete. Armour was not only an exceptional player but also an excellent teacher, coaching numerous students and authoring several books on golf theory, including "How to Play your Best Golf All the Time" (1953) and "A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour" (1959).

Tommy Armour passed away on September 11th, 1968. He was honored with numerous awards, including induction into the Hall of Fame, for his contributions to the sport of golf.