Viktor Hasin

Viktor Hasin

Fighter pilot
Date of Birth: 20.06.1915
Country: Ukraine

Biography of Victor Khasin

Victor Yakovlevich Khasin was born on June 20, 1915, in the city of Vinnytsia, into a family of civil servants. He completed four courses at the cooperative trade school and worked as an instructor-pilot at an aeroclub. In 1939, he joined the Red Army and graduated from the Odessa Military Aviation School for Pilots the same year.

During the Great Patriotic War, Khasin served on the frontlines as a fighter pilot from the beginning. He initially served in the 929th Fighter Aviation Regiment, flying the Yak-1, and then in the 271st Fighter Aviation Regiment, flying the Yak-7. In 1943, he served in the 875th Fighter Aviation Regiment (66th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment), where he flew the Yak-9. He particularly distinguished himself in the battles on the Velikolukskoye direction in the fall and winter of 1942.

On December 3, 1942, Khasin's squadron was the first to provide cover for the 3rd Shock Army. They encountered six Ju-88 bombers escorted by a group of Me-109s attempting to bomb the Soviet troops. Khasin skillfully maneuvered his group towards the sun and launched a surprise attack on the enemy bombers, shooting down one of them. The remaining enemy aircraft dropped their bombs haphazardly and retreated to their territory.

Throughout his combat career, Khasin flew a total of 659 sorties and personally shot down 10 enemy aircraft and 5 as part of a group. He also destroyed 8 enemy planes on airfields. On March 18, 1943, for his exemplary execution of command tasks, the 274th Fighter Aviation Division was transformed into the 4th Guards Fighter Aviation Division, and the 271st Fighter Aviation Regiment became the 64th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment.

On April 22, 1943, during a solemn ceremony of awarding the Guards Banner, Khasin was among the best pilots in the unit. Just two weeks later, on May 1, 1943, for his courage and military valor demonstrated in battles with the enemy, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Khasin was credited with destroying between 16 and 33 enemy aircraft during his combat service. He was awarded the Orders of Lenin (twice) and the Red Banner. On January 14, 1944, Major Victor Y. Khasin, the commander of the 66th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment, was killed in an aerial battle.