Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

Swedish guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist and composer
Date of Birth: 30.06.1963
Country: Sweden

  1. Biography of Yngwie Malmsteen
  2. Introduction
  3. Influence and Musical Journey
  4. Career and Honesty
  5. Success and Contentment
  6. Challenging Times
  7. Personal Nature
  8. A Life of a Musician

Biography of Yngwie Malmsteen


Yngwie Malmsteen, the Swedish guitar virtuoso, multi-instrumentalist, and composer, is known worldwide for his unparalleled guitar playing and his mane of thick hair. Although his name may not ring as loudly as it did in the late 80s, Malmsteen is far from being forgotten or creatively stagnant. The Swedish-American regularly releases albums and travels the world, filling enormous venues.

Influence and Musical Journey

From a young age, Malmsteen was influenced by guitar legends such as Jimi Hendrix and Ritchie Blackmore, which ultimately led him to pick up the instrument himself. However, his musical tastes dramatically shifted towards classical composers such as Vivaldi, Paganini, and Tchaikovsky. While he found himself drawn to the violin as an instrument, he was already skilled on the guitar, so becoming a "violin hero" was no longer an option. Nevertheless, Malmsteen modified traditional guitar techniques and developed his own unique style.

Career and Honesty

Unlike many of his genre colleagues who make money by endorsing instruments, Malmsteen has always been true to himself and never a poser. He has never conformed to trends, whether it was the punk wave or the domination of glam rock. He believes that it is easier to follow the rails than to forge your own path, but one must be aware that these rails may lead to a dead end or even collapse.

Success and Contentment

While Malmsteen was financially more successful in the 80s, he does not long for the "good old days." He now feels extremely comfortable and fulfilled. He has a loving wife, children, and his own studio. In terms of financial prosperity, Malmsteen has no complaints. He sells records, actively tours, and can easily fill a venue with a minimum of three thousand seats in America, even without advertising or posters. South America and Japan have been even more lucrative, and his current European tours are pleasantly surprising.

Challenging Times

Malmsteen's life has not always been smooth sailing. He narrowly escaped death in a car accident and subsequently faced a series of unfortunate events. He was in a coma after the accident, and upon recovery, he lost his mother, broke up with his girlfriend, and experienced his home being destroyed in an earthquake in Los Angeles.

Personal Nature

Malmsteen has gained a reputation for having a difficult and complex personality. However, he asserts that he is very approachable and sociable. While he may not have many close friends, he has plenty of good acquaintances. If anyone wants to get to know him, they can find him playing tennis on the courts in Miami, where he spends his free weekends.

A Life of a Musician

Malmsteen leads the life of a content family man. He spends time at home, reading books, and enjoying his status as a rock star by occasionally driving his "Ferrari" around the area. However, he doesn't have the time or desire to party excessively. As a musician, his priority is his home studio, where he can focus on creating music.