Zaza Dzhanashiya

Zaza Dzhanashiya

Football player
Date of Birth: 10.02.1976
Country: Georgia

Biography of Zaza Janashia

Zaza Janashia is a Georgian football player known for his skills as a forward. Although he is unfamiliar to the head coach of the Russian national football team, Oleg Ivanovich Romantsev, Janashia, who plays for the Moscow-based team "Lokomotiv", expressed a strong desire to play for the Russian national team. In order to pursue this dream, Janashia plans to start the procedure to obtain Russian citizenship. He states, "I want to make a name for myself in Russia. I want to do something for Russia."

Off the field, Janashia is a completely different person. It is hard to believe that the unstoppable striker for "Lokomotiv" and the creator of the famous somersault goal is the same individual. Janashia's somersault has become his signature move and has a story behind it. Even as a young boy playing street football, he would always perform a somersault after scoring a goal. Once, he even broke his arm slipping on a wet field, but he never gave up on this habit.

Janashia's greatest love in life is his wife Maya, who is also 23 years old. They live together in his apartment in Moscow's Cherki-zovo neighborhood. They got married when they were both 19 years old. When asked about Maya's occupation, Janashia replies, "She stays at home. How could she work while I earn money!" Maya cooks Zaza's favorite dish, satsivi, and welcomes numerous guests, as their home is always filled with people. Zaza himself can only cook scrambled eggs. In the Janashia household, they prefer white and red Georgian wine, which is hard to find in Moscow but can be obtained through connections. In his free time, Janashia visits the Moscow nightclub "Metelitsa" with his friends, enjoys playing billiards and backgammon.

Janashia arrived in Moscow in 1996 upon the invitation of Lokomotiv's head coach, Yuri Pavlovich Semin. He was only 20 years old at the time and had already played for Georgian clubs such as "Odishi" (Zugdidi), "Shevardeni 1996", "FC Samtredia", and the Georgian national team.

Leaving his home was not easy for Janashia. He left behind his parents, brother, sister, friends, and teammates. Interestingly, Janashia comes from a family of footballers. His father used to play for the team in the city of Zugdidi, and his younger brother, Zami, who is now 11 years old, has been recognized as the best player in youth tournaments three times. Janashia believes that his brother is much better than he is. He says, "If I have a son, he will definitely become a footballer." And yet, he left. Now it can be said that it was for the best. Janashia regrets that Georgian football is currently not going through the best times. The succession of coaches the national team has had in recent years has psychologically destroyed a team that used to be a force in the entire Soviet Union. Today, Georgian footballers are considered some of the best foreign players in Russian football clubs, especially in attacking positions. Janashia's game is a perfect example. In the previous season, he was recognized as the best forward of the year alongside Oleg Veretennikov from "Rotor" Volgograd and Alexander Panov from "Zenit" Saint Petersburg. He scored 8 goals in the Russian championship.

Last year, "Lokomotiv" successfully balanced their performance in the Russian championship and the games in the 1998-1999 Cup Winners' Cup. They were the only Russian team to continue competing in European competitions. This year, the team is on an extraordinary rise, and Janashia played a significant role in this success. Let's not forget one of his recent hat-tricks. Moscow has warmly embraced this talented forward. Perhaps that is why Janashia does not even consider playing for Western clubs at the moment. He is very concerned that becoming a Russian citizen will disappoint Georgian fans. But these are emotions that need to be overcome if a football player wants to become a true professional. Janashia has determined that his football career can only be successful in Russia, which is why he made this choice. It is still unknown whether Janashia will become a player for the national team, which is currently on the rise and performing well on the international stage. But why not?

When asked what he would become if he were not a football player and what he would wish for himself in the next five years, Janashia responds, "Maybe a boxer or a wrestler. I have hot blood, I love to fight. I really want to be remembered in Russian football as both a professional player and a good person."