Ahmed I

Ahmed I

Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (December 21, 1603–1617).
Date of Birth: 18.04.1590
Country: Turkey

  1. Biography of Ahmed I
  2. Early Reign and Wars
  3. War with Austria and Architectural Legacy
  4. Death and Burial
  5. Ahmed I was buried in a mausoleum located near the Blue Mosque.

Biography of Ahmed I

Ahmed I (April 18, 1590 – November 22, 1617) was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from December 21, 1603, to 1617. He succeeded his father, Mehmed III, to the throne in 1603.

Early Reign and Wars

At the beginning of Ahmed I's reign, the Ottoman Empire was engaged in simultaneous wars with Austria and Iran. Additionally, there was an ongoing rebellion in Anatolia that had started during Mehmed III's rule, with the rebels controlling a significant territory. After several years of fighting, the rebellion was brutally suppressed. Taking advantage of the distraction of Ottoman troops, Abbas I, the Shah of Safavid Iran, expelled Turkish garrisons from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and other territories ceded by the Treaty of Istanbul in 1595. Abbas I achieved a series of victories against the Turkish forces attempting to reclaim the lost territories. In the 1612 treaty, the Ottoman Empire recognized Abbas' conquests.

War with Austria and Architectural Legacy

During the war with Austria, Ahmed I personally commanded the army in the 1605 campaign, which culminated in the capture of the fortress of Esztergom on October 3, 1605. On November 11, 1606, the Treaty of Zsitvatorok was signed with Austria, in which the Ottomans renounced their annual tribute demand from Austria and recognized the imperial title of the Habsburgs.

Ahmed I's reign was marked by the increase in corruption and abuse of power by local rulers. Over time, Ahmed himself withdrew from state affairs, with significant influence exerted by his favorite wife, Kösem. During Ahmed I's reign, the Ahmed Mosque (also known as the Blue Mosque) was constructed in Istanbul, which is considered one of the masterpieces of Islamic architecture.

Death and Burial

Ahmed I was buried in a mausoleum located near the Blue Mosque.