Andrey Rublevich

Andrey Rublevich

Country: Latvia

  1. Biography of Andrey Rublevich
  2. Life and New Album
  3. Potential Release in Russia
  4. Genre and Influences
  5. The Art of Singing and Songwriting
  6. Future Plans

Biography of Andrey Rublevich

Andrey Rublevich is a Russian singer-songwriter and musician who has been living in France since the 1970s. He is known for his pleasant and interesting personality, often expressing unconventional and controversial opinions. I had the opportunity to speak with him and meet him in Gdansk, where he was on business.

Andrey Rublevich

Life and New Album

During our conversation, I asked Andrey Rublevich about the latest happenings in his life. He mentioned that we had met during the period when his album "Birches under Paris" was released. However, he clarified that at the time of our meeting, the album had only been recorded and not released. He shared his thoughts on the recording quality and the material, mentioning that doubts always remain for an artist. He expressed his desire for recognition in his homeland, Russia, as every Russian-speaking artist dreams of being known there. While he enjoys his life in France and has a dedicated audience, friends, and studio collaborators who appreciate his work, he acknowledges that living in a foreign country comes with its own challenges.

Andrey Rublevich

Potential Release in Russia

When asked about the possibility of his album being available in Russia, Andrey Rublevich mentioned that his manager had started negotiations with a significant record label. He couldn't disclose the details of the company or the negotiations but expressed hope for a potential release. He also mentioned that he receives recordings from Moscow to stay updated on the Russian music scene and discover new talents. He expressed disappointment with some contemporary chanson artists whose music he finds to be overly simplistic and lacking in artistry.

Andrey Rublevich

Genre and Influences

Andrey Rublevich discussed the genre of chanson and its historical significance. He recalled a period in the 1990s when it seemed like the genre was fading, and pop music was taking its place. He acknowledged the influence of iconic artists like Alla Pugacheva, whom he compared to the Russian Edith Piaf. He also mentioned Alesha Avdeev, who sings Russian songs in Polish translations, highlighting the importance of Russian culture to the diaspora. He also expressed his appreciation for the songwriting talents of artists like Vladimir Vysotsky and Bulat Okudzhava.

Andrey Rublevich

The Art of Singing and Songwriting

Andrey Rublevich shared his thoughts on the art of singing and songwriting, emphasizing the importance of sincerity and connection with the material. He mentioned that as a professional, he understands that a singer must be genuine and not simply perform for the sake of it. He expressed his concern about the increasing reliance on backing tracks and pre-recorded music, advocating for the return to live musicians and acoustic performances. He finds the absence of live music and the lack of authenticity disheartening and believes it is essential to bring back the soulful connection between the performer and the audience.

Future Plans

Andrey Rublevich revealed that he has plans for new projects and songs but prefers not to discuss them beforehand. He believes in moving forward and surprising his audience with his work. He invited me to reconnect closer to winter, suggesting that he might have something new and exciting to share by then.