Ashley Wagner

Ashley Wagner

American figure skater
Date of Birth: 16.05.1991
Country: USA

  1. Ashley Wagner: Biography
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Early Success and Training
  4. Rise to Success
  5. Olympic Goals and Controversy

Ashley Wagner: Biography

Ashley Wagner, an American figure skater, is considered one of the strongest singles skaters who can challenge the plans for victory of both established figure skaters and those who are just beginning their rise to fame. Currently, Wagner is ranked tenth in the world figure skating rankings. Her journey to sporting success began in the 2006-2007 season when she won third place in the Junior Grand Prix Final. A year later, Wagner won the bronze medal at the World Junior Championships, and throughout her career, she has achieved victories at the Four Continents Championships and the United States Championships.

Ashley Wagner

Early Life and Career

Ashley Wagner was born in Heidelberg, Germany, on May 16, 1991. Her father, Eric Wagner, had a military career that involved frequent relocations, which made it difficult for Ashley to establish relationships with peers due to the constantly changing environment. She attended a German elementary school and is fluent in German to this day. Ashley first stepped onto the ice at the age of five when her father was stationed in Eagle River, Alaska. Her mother, Melissa Wagner, a school teacher, wanted to find an activity that would allow Ashley to spend more time with other children and offered her a choice between figure skating and ballet. Ashley chose skating, thinking that she would look funny in pink ballet shoes. Despite her initial clumsiness on the ice, she always felt confident. The family continued to move, but the ice rink remained a constant presence in Ashley's life. Her younger brother, Austin, also took up figure skating.

Ashley Wagner

Early Success and Training

Ashley quickly mastered the basics of skating, particularly excelling in jumps. Her idol was Tara Lipinski, whose performance at the 1998 Olympics left a lasting impression on Ashley. Inspired by Lipinski's passion and dedication, Ashley began working tirelessly towards her goal. She never missed a training session and eagerly took private lessons. In 2002, at the Northwest Pacific Coast Championships, Ashley took second place among junior skaters, marking her first competition success. She went on to participate in various competitions across the United States and Europe, achieving first place in the Junior Grand Prix in France and the Netherlands and second place in the final of these competitions. Despite a less successful start at the World and Four Continents Championships in 2008, Ashley's career took off. With the guidance of her coach, Priscilla Hill, she improved her speed and jumping technique, while her choreographer, Irina Romanova, helped her create artistic performances. These efforts resulted in a bronze medal at the US Championships (2009-2010), second place at the Rostelecom Cup (Moscow, 2009), and other prestigious awards.

Ashley Wagner

Rise to Success

Since 2011, Ashley has lived and trained in California under the guidance of her coach, John Nicks. She won first place at the US Championships and Four Continents Championships, as well as fourth place at the World Championships in 2011. In 2012, she repeated her success at the US Championships and finished second in the Grand Prix Final. Ashley's next goal is the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Coaches and sports commentators praise her athleticism, flexibility, determination, and perseverance. She has numerous sponsors, including renowned brands such as Nike, Procter & Gamble, Pandora, and others. Ashley made headlines when she became the face of the cosmetics company CoverGirl, as she has been doing her own hair and makeup since the age of eight. Her new image is described as "light, airy, and beautiful," which perfectly complements her new programs.

Olympic Goals and Controversy

At the Sochi Olympics, Ashley plans to present herself as a vibrant rocker (short program to Pink Floyd) and a romantic Juliet (free skate program). Athletes and fans from other countries closely follow Ashley's performances, sometimes leaving less-than-friendly comments. Her statements condemning Russia's law banning the promotion of homosexuality were also met with mixed reactions. However, Ashley remains steadfast in her beliefs and intentions. She sees figure skating as her solid rock amidst the chaos and is determined to win the Olympics for the little girl who looked up to Tara Lipinski and worked hard to become just like her.