Bo Silay

Bo Silay

Minister of Commerce of China
Country: China

  1. Biography of Bo Silai
  2. Importance of Bo Silai's Return to Beijing
  3. Bo Silai's Popularity and Achievements
  4. Early Years and Challenges

Biography of Bo Silai

Bo Silai is a prominent figure in the political scene in China. He is the son of Bo Ibo, a former Communist Party leader, and has established himself as a successful politician and governor of the prosperous northeastern province of Liaoning. Recently, Bo Silai has been appointed as the Minister of Commerce of China, replacing Liu Fuyuan who retired due to health issues, rumored to be cancer.

Importance of Bo Silai's Return to Beijing

Bo Silai's return to Beijing, at the age of 54, is considered to be significant for his future career prospects. As China rapidly expands its international trade relations, the role of the Minister of Commerce becomes crucial within the government. Currently, China ranks 4th in the world in terms of trade volume, highlighting the importance of this position.

Bo Silai's Popularity and Achievements

Bo Silai enjoyed immense popularity in Liaoning, particularly in the port city of Dalian. Through his skillful attraction of foreign investments, Dalian has transformed into a thriving city, not only in the northeast but also in the entire country.

Early Years and Challenges

Even in his youth, Bo Silai was known for his education, manners, and ability to articulate his thoughts clearly. However, his membership in the previous party elite hindered his career progression.

Bo Silai's father, during Premier Zhou Enlai's tenure in the 1960s and 1970s, oversaw the entire Chinese industry and formulated the "200 points" for its recovery after the devastating "Great Leap Forward" under Chairman Mao. Some observers even predict that Bo Silai himself may become a future leader of China.