Bogdan Lalic

Bogdan Lalic

Croatian chess player, grandmaster.
Date of Birth: 08.03.1964
Country: Croatia

Biography of Bogdan Lalich

Bogdan Lalich is a Croatian chess player and a Grandmaster. He has participated in several Yugoslav championships, with his best result being second place in 1986. He has represented the national teams of Yugoslavia in 1989, Croatia in 1992 and 1997, and England in 2003, participating in various Olympiads.

His notable achievements in international tournaments include finishing 2nd-3rd in Shumen in 1984, 2nd-5th and 1st-2nd in Plevin in 1985 and 1987 respectively, 3rd-6th in Varna in 1986, 1st in Asenovgrad in 1987, 1st-2nd in Badajoz in 1987, 1st-3rd in Sarajevo in 1988, 1st-4th in Oberwart in 1988, and 1st-11th in West Berlin in 1988.

Bogdan Lalich has made significant contributions to the world of chess and continues to be an influential figure in the chess community.