Claris Hart

Claris Hart

American woman whose wedding took place during an attack of appendicitis
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Claris Hart
  2. The Wedding and Appendicitis
  3. A Wedding in the Hospital
  4. The Surgery and Aftermath

Biography of Claris Hart

Claris Hart is an American woman who became a true star of the St. Joe's ER emergency department when she refused to postpone her own wedding despite suffering from an acute appendicitis attack. She is a 36-year-old resident of Michigan, USA.

The Wedding and Appendicitis

On the day Claris was supposed to get married, she experienced a sudden and severe pain due to acute appendicitis. Her fiancé, Christopher Berrey, was terrified when his beloved bride-to-be felt the intense pain just hours before the ceremony. Christopher rushed Claris to the hospital, and she insisted he bring the prepared wedding rings, just in case. It may sound strange, but as it turned out, the rings came in handy.

A Wedding in the Hospital

Upon arriving at the hospital and learning that she needed surgery, Claris managed to convince the medical staff that she should get married before the operation. Surprisingly, there was a nurse who was ordained and she conducted a genuine wedding ceremony for the couple. Remarkably, the hospital staff swiftly prepared the venue for the wedding. Claris wore a unique wedding dress - a blue hospital gown. Yellow roses served as her bouquet, and the staff joyfully sang a wedding hymn, accompanying themselves with a melody from a mobile phone. Unfortunately, due to surgical department regulations, no relatives were allowed to attend the ceremony. However, Claris was still happy that she didn't have to postpone her long-awaited wedding.

The Surgery and Aftermath

During the wedding, Claris did feel pain, but the painkillers did their job, and she claimed to have not experienced any significant suffering. Shortly after the ceremony, Claris underwent surgery, and the story of this original wedding became a legend at St. Joe's ER hospital.