Daniela Herz

Daniela Herz

Co-owner of Puma AG
Country: Germany

  1. Biography of Daniella Herz
  2. Heritage and Business
  3. Investment in Puma AG
  4. Business Strategy and Success

Biography of Daniella Herz

Born in 1954 in Germany, Daniella Herz is the co-owner of the company "Puma AG". Alongside her brother, she acquired additional shares of the company, becoming the largest shareholders and holders of a controlling stake in "Puma AG". Currently, their stake amounts to 30 percent. She currently resides in the German city of Hamburg and also has several residences in Europe and Russia.

Heritage and Business

Daniella Herz, together with her mother and four brothers - Gunter, Joachim, Michael, and Wolfgang - inherited a vast fortune from their father, coffee magnate Max Herz. Max Herz is the founder of Europe's largest trading brand, "Tchibo Holding," which still holds its position as a leader in the industry.

However, significant conflicts exist within the Herz family, which led Daniella Herz to sell her assets in "Tchibo Holding" in 2003, along with her brother Gunter. The transaction amounted to approximately 5 billion dollars. Currently, she and her brother hold a portion of the assets of the German trading brand "Puma AG".

Investment in Puma AG

After selling their assets in their father's company, Daniella Herz sought out a company in which to invest her money to generate stable income. She, along with her billionaire brother Gunter, purchased 17 percent of the shares of "Puma AG" for a significant sum of 500 million euros. Many experienced analysts expressed their authoritative opinion that Daniella Herz would take a leading position in the company's supervisory board and have a significant influence on its business strategy.

In the future, Daniella Herz and her brother acquired additional shares of the company, solidifying their position as the largest shareholders and holders of a controlling stake in "Puma AG". Currently, their stake amounts to 30 percent. It is likely that there will be a high demand for leisure and sports products in the near future, as these prominent business figures would not make such significant investments otherwise.

Business Strategy and Success

Currently, "Puma AG" is gradually transitioning to a business strategy similar to that of "Tchibo Holding." Daniella Herz invested considerable efforts in developing their family business and is now trying to transfer the knowledge she gained to benefit her own company.

Daniella Herz's net worth is currently estimated at 2.2 billion dollars, making her one of the wealthiest women in Europe. In the prestigious economic journal "Forbes," she is ranked 432nd among the world's richest people.