Evgeniy Gangaev

Evgeniy Gangaev

Israeli (formerly Russian) cultural figure, one of the founders and leaders of the Magen center.
Date of Birth: 05.06.1943
Country: Israel

  1. Biography of Evgeny Gangayev
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Contributions to Israeli Culture
  4. The Magen Cultural Center
  5. Legacy
  6. Bibliography

Biography of Evgeny Gangayev

Evgeny Evgenievich Gangayev (Liberman) was born on June 5, 1943, in Israel. He is a former Russian cultural activist who later became an influential figure in Israeli culture. Gangayev is one of the founders and leaders of the "Magen" center.

Early Life and Education

Gangayev studied at the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute from 1966 to 1971. During his time as a student, he founded the Student Song Club (KSP), which later evolved into a self-performing song club. He actively participated in the early gatherings of the author's song movement, both as an organizer and performer.

Contributions to Israeli Culture

In 1991, Gangayev immigrated to Israel and became one of the founders of the Israeli author's song movement. He played a significant role in promoting and organizing various events related to author's song. In 1995, Gangayev established the "Dugovka" and "Song of the Land" gatherings, which celebrated the author's song genre. These events were held annually until 2003 and continue irregularly from 2003 onwards.

In the same year, Gangayev started the Haifa Song Club, which still exists today. He became a central figure in the club, leading its activities as a producer and stage engineer. Gangayev's involvement in the author's song movement and his contributions to Israeli culture earned him recognition and awards.

The Magen Cultural Center

In 1996, Gangayev and his wife, Rahel Spector, along with like-minded individuals, established a group to explore Jewish traditions and philosophy. This group eventually grew into the Magen Cultural Center. Gangayev became the practical leader of the center, responsible for planning and organizing various mass protest actions and public seminars. He also played a role in the Magen theater as a producer and stage engineer.

Gangayev's notable compositions include the song "Grizim-Ayal," which became a kind of anthem among ideological circles associated with the Magen center. His contributions to theater arts were recognized in 2006 when he and Rahel Spector were awarded the "Olive of Jerusalem" prize. Gangayev had previously been honored with the Bulat Okudzhava World Foundation Prize in 2004.


Evgeny Gangayev's name is often mentioned in memoirs and folklore literature related to the author's song movement. He is a prototype of one of the characters in Marina Melamed's book "Crossroads of Desires."


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