Franco Turigliatto

Franco Turigliatto

Italian politician
Date of Birth: 13.12.1946
Country: Italy

Biography of Franco Turigliatto

Franco Turigliatto is an Italian politician and one of the leaders of the "Critical Left" association. He began his political career in 1966 in the student movement. In 1969, he joined the Italian section of the Fourth International - Revolutionary Communist Group. In 1989, he became a member of the "Proletarian Democracy" party and the "Red Flag" Association, which included supporters of the Fourth International within the party. In 1991, he participated in the creation of the Party of Communist Revival (PCR). He was a member of the National Leadership of the PCR and also one of the leaders of the "Red Flag" Association, which continued to operate within the PCR. Later, he was responsible for the PCR's work in Piedmont.

Franco Turigliatto

In 2006, Turigliatto was elected to the Italian Senate. In the Senate, he was a member of the 11th Standing Committee, responsible for labor and social policy, and the 14th Standing Committee, responsible for European Union policy. He was also a member of the Italian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE.

After the creation of the "Critical Left" left-radical association within the PCR in January 2007, Turigliatto joined its ranks. The association opposed the party's participation in the center-left government of Romano Prodi. In the Senate vote in February 2007 on the support of the government's foreign policy resolution, Turigliatto was among the senators who voted against it. His vote violated the PCR's decision to support the resolution, resulting in his exclusion from the PCR parliamentary faction.

In the parliamentary elections in April 2008, Turigliatto ran on the "Critical Left" list, which had emerged from the PCR in January 2008, but did not succeed in the Senate.