Hasib Sabbagh

Hasib Sabbagh

Billionaire, founder of the large organization "Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC)"
Country: Greece

  1. Biography of Hasib Sabbagh
  2. Founder of Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC)
  3. Philanthropy and Peace Advocate

Biography of Hasib Sabbagh

Hasib Sabbagh, a renowned Lebanese billionaire and successful entrepreneur, is the founder of Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC). Born into a fishing family in Palestine, Sabbagh obtained his Bachelor of Science and Arts degree with honors from the American University Beirut Lebanon.

Founder of Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC)

In 1952, along with his cousin, Sabbagh established Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), initially one of the few Arab construction organizations. The company started with a modest capital of just one thousand dollars for registration and commencement. Today, CCC is considered one of the most profitable companies in the region, with revenues of approximately $4 billion. It operates construction divisions in forty countries, primarily focusing on projects in the Middle East and North Africa.

Philanthropy and Peace Advocate

Aside from his leadership in the business world, Hasib Sabbagh is an active philanthropist and a participant in the worldwide peace movement. He frequently provides generous financial support to various healthcare and educational organizations through the Diana Sabbagh Foundation, an organization renowned not only in the Middle East but also in the United States.

Sabbagh is also a co-founder of the Welfare Association for Palestinians and heads the Palestinian Students Fund. Additionally, he serves on the boards of numerous companies, including Arab Bank, Institute of Palestine Studies, and previously held responsibilities as a member of the International Council on Middle East Affairs.

Currently residing in Greece, Sabbagh is a widower and has two sons. With an estimated personal fortune of one billion US dollars, he is recognized as one of the most influential and wealthy individuals on the planet, according to Forbes, the renowned economic journal.