J. Donald R. De Raadt

J. Donald R. De Raadt

Swedish organizational theorist and professor emeritus of computer science and systems engineering
Country: Sweden

  1. Biography of J. Donald R. de Raadt
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Career
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Biography of J. Donald R. de Raadt

J. Donald R. de Raadt is a Swedish expert in organizational theory and an honorary professor of informatics and systems engineering. He was a former professor of informatics and systems engineering at Luleå University of Technology. De Raadt has played a leading role in the development of the international systems engineering community, which focuses on the study of complex systems in nature, society, and science.

Early Life and Education

J. Donald R. de Raadt studied economics and political science at the University of Queensland, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Later, he pursued postgraduate studies in management at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, where he obtained a diploma in business. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree in sociology at La Trobe University in Melbourne.


Prior to obtaining his Ph.D., de Raadt worked in information systems and corporate planning for shipbuilding for fourteen years. He also worked for two computer manufacturing companies and an insurance company. Before becoming a professor at Luleå University of Technology, de Raadt held various academic positions at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Sweden and Idaho State University in the United States. He was awarded the title of professor by the Swedish government in 1992.

De Raadt served as the head of the Department of Informatics and Systems Engineering at Luleå University of Technology for twelve years until 2004. He served as the president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences from 1994 to 1995 and was the president of the Swedish Operational Research Society. He also held the position of vice-president of the International Federation for Systems Research in Vienna.

Recognition and Publications

In 1985, de Raadt received the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award from the Society for General Systems Research. In 1988, he was recognized as one of the distinguished researchers at the College of Business at Idaho State University. De Raadt is the author of several books and scientific articles, including "A New Management of Life," "Information and Managerial Wisdom," and "A Method and Software for Designing Viable Social Systems," among others.