John Lambert

John Lambert

English general.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of John Lambert
  2. Supporter of Parliament
  3. Opposition to Richard Cromwell
  4. Failed Rebellion and Accusation
  5. Death
  6. John Lambert passed away in 1683 while imprisoned in Plymouth.

Biography of John Lambert

John Lambert was an English general who played a significant role during the Civil War and the Restoration period.

Supporter of Parliament

At the beginning of the Civil War, Lambert aligned himself with the Parliament and aided Oliver Cromwell in conquering Scotland between 1648 and 1651. He played a crucial role in the rise of Cromwell as Lord Protector, but when the Parliament proposed that Cromwell become king, Lambert vehemently opposed the idea.

Opposition to Richard Cromwell

After Cromwell's death, his son Richard took over as Lord Protector. However, Richard began relying on the Parliament rather than the army, which led to Lambert, on behalf of the rebellious army, opposing Richard's rule. Following Richard Cromwell's voluntary resignation in 1659, Lambert was appointed as the second commander of the army. He advocated for a military republic but eventually withdrew when faced with the advancing forces of General George Monck from Scotland.

Failed Rebellion and Accusation

In 1660, Lambert made an unsuccessful attempt to incite rebellion. Following the restoration of the Stuart monarchy, Lambert was accused of treason in 1662. However, King Charles II commuted his death sentence to imprisonment.


John Lambert passed away in 1683 while imprisoned in Plymouth.