Larry Brown

Larry Brown

American basketball coach
Date of Birth: 14.09.1940
Country: USA

  1. Larry Brown: The American Basketball Coach
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Larry Brown: The American Basketball Coach

Playing Career

Larry Brown is an American professional basketball player who has played in the ABA and later became a coach in the ABA, NBA, and NCAA. He played as a point guard and was a member of the championship-winning team "Oakland Oaks" in 1969.

Coaching Career

Larry Brown began his coaching career in 1972 and has achieved over 1,000 professional victories in the ABA and NBA. He is the only coach in NBA history to lead 8 different teams to the playoffs and the only coach to have coached two NBA teams in a single season (San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers in the 1992/1993 season). Brown is also the only coach to have won both an NCAA championship (with the Kansas Jayhawks in 1988) and an NBA championship (with the Detroit Pistons in 2004). He was named the ABA Coach of the Year three times (in 1973, 1975, and 1976) and was recognized as the NBA Coach of the Year in 2001.

Hall of Fame

On September 27, 2002, Larry Brown was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as a coach. He is currently the head coach of the college basketball team, the SMU Mustangs.

ABA Playing Career

Larry Brown played in the American Basketball Association, representing teams such as the New Orleans Buccaneers, Oakland Oaks, Washington Caps, Virginia Squires, and Denver Rockets. He won the ABA championship with the Oakland Oaks in the 1968/1969 season and participated in the ABA All-Star Game three times.