Marc Playle

Marc Playle

British guitarist missing left forearm
Date of Birth: 26.09.1985
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Mark Playle
  2. Early Life
  3. Discovering the Guitar
  4. Becoming a Skilled Guitarist
  5. Guitar Idol
  6. Continued Success

Biography of Mark Playle

Mark Playle, a British guitarist born without his left forearm, defied all odds to reach the final of the world guitar competition 'Guitar Idol' in 2008.

Marc Playle

Early Life

Mark Playle was born in 1985 in South Shields, England. Despite being born without his left forearm, Mark never let this hinder him. From an early age, he adapted to using his right hand and his shortened left arm.

Marc Playle

Discovering the Guitar

At the age of 14, Mark became interested in playing the guitar. During long summer holidays, he and a friend decided to try their hand at becoming musicians. Mark had to attach a pick to his hand with sticky tape in order to play. Despite the initial challenges, Mark quickly fell in love with the guitar and knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music.

Becoming a Skilled Guitarist

Mark's passion for guitar led him to convert half of his garage into a studio. He later joined a school band and played in local groups. In 2001, Mark met Phil Thorrell, a musician and guitarist from 'Local Guitar Hero', who agreed to give him lessons. Under Phil's guidance, Mark's technique improved significantly. Local journalists took notice of Mark's talent, and he was invited to perform in several shows.

Guitar Idol

In 2008, Mark applied to participate in the prestigious 'Guitar Idol' competition. Amongst 750 guitarists from around the world, all of whom had both hands, Mark was selected as one of the 12 finalists. The final took place in London, where Mark finished as the runner-up to a Brazilian guitarist. Nevertheless, his achievement of reaching the final was a remarkable victory in itself.

Continued Success

Mark Playle went on to participate in 'Guitar Idol' again as well as other guitar contests. He finished 15th in the 'Dean Shredder Contest'. Today, Mark is known worldwide for his unique playing technique, and his success is attributed to his talent rather than his physical condition. Mark does not consider himself physically disabled and believes that his one healthy hand has neither helped nor hindered him in any way. He simply does not let his circumstances affect his talent.