Mark Albion

Mark Albion

American scientist, business theorist, writer.
Date of Birth: 03.04.1951
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Mark Albion
  2. Education and Early Career
  3. Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good
  4. Recognition and Contributions
  5. Net Impact and Publications
  6. Research and International Contributions

Biography of Mark Albion

Mark Albion is an American scholar, entrepreneurship theorist, and writer. He is known for his advocacy of responsible entrepreneurship and his efforts to promote social and environmental well-being through business activities.

Mark Albion

Education and Early Career

Mark Albion earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics from Harvard University. He later obtained a Master of Business Administration and a Doctorate in Economics from the same institution. He was mentored by renowned scholar Professor John V. Lintner during his time at Harvard Business School.

Mark Albion

From 1982 to 1988, Albion worked as an assistant professor and later as an adjunct professor at Harvard Business School. During this period, he gained recognition as one of the youngest business school professors in the country, appearing on the television program '60 Minutes'.

Mark Albion

Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good

In 1986, Albion underwent a profound personal transformation prompted by his mother's battle with cancer. He decided to reevaluate his life goals and became passionate about utilizing business resources for the benefit of society. In 1987, he founded the 'Social Venture Network,' a community of responsible entrepreneurs.

A year later, Albion left Harvard to focus on developing a community of rational and altruistic entrepreneurs. He has been actively involved in promoting social values in higher education and has served as a member of the Presidential Cabinet from 2009 to 2010. Albion initiated the 'AshokaU Changemaker Campus Team' project at Babson College, aiming to foster social entrepreneurship among college students.

Recognition and Contributions

In 2010, Mark Albion received the 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award from the Indiana University Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He was recognized for his achievements in advocating for social good and developing sustainable business models.

In 2011, Albion was included in the '100 Most Trustworthy Business Leaders' list by 'Trust Across America.' He is well-known for his initiatives to raise awareness among business school graduates and has been a prominent speaker at prestigious educational institutions worldwide.

Net Impact and Publications

One of Albion's notable projects is 'Net Impact,' formerly known as 'Students for Responsible Business.' Founded in 1993, the organization focuses on non-profit management, corporate social responsibility, and socially responsible entrepreneurship. It currently supports over 300 independent sub-projects and has more than 40,000 participants.

Mark Albion has authored seven books, primarily addressing various aspects of entrepreneurship. He also writes columns for several news publications.

Research and International Contributions

In 1995 and 1996, Albion worked in a research team for the United Nations, focused on developing a formula for nurturing socially responsible leaders and managers. He presented his findings in a report to the UN in 1996.

Mark Albion's dedication to promoting responsible entrepreneurship and his efforts to integrate social values into business practices have made him a highly regarded figure in the field. His speeches and writings have garnered significant attention and have been influential in inspiring the next generation of business leaders.