Mary Hvizda

Mary Hvizda

American pensioner, drummer, main character of a popular video.
Country: USA

  1. American Pensioner, Drummer, and Internet Sensation
  2. The Power of Amateur Videos
  3. The Unexpected Fame
  4. A Professional Drummer with a Passion

American Pensioner, Drummer, and Internet Sensation

Mary Hvizda is an American pensioner who recently became an internet sensation after a video of her playing drums in a music store went viral. At the age of 63, Hvizda delighted onlookers and reminisced about her wild rocker youth as she passionately played the drums in the store.

Mary Hvizda

The Power of Amateur Videos

Video recordings captured by surveillance cameras often showcase interesting events before professional camera operators have a chance to capture them. These videos capture crimes, heroic acts, and eccentric behaviors, such as what Mary Hvizda recently did in a drum store in Wisconsin. In front of store staff and customers, Hvizda played an incredibly powerful drum solo, incorporating stylish drumstick tricks. It goes without saying that everyone's attention was immediately drawn to Mary as soon as she started her impromptu performance. She clearly enjoyed the attention, as the audience expressed their admiration for this talented elderly drummer with cheers and applause.

Mary Hvizda

The Unexpected Fame

The incident in the music store could have remained a memory solely for those present if it weren't for the store's surveillance cameras. One of the store employees copied the recording and uploaded it under the title "Say hi to Mary, the Grandma Drummer." Interestingly, the video's description also included a detailed description of the drum set that Hvizda played, either out of a love for accuracy or as a way to promote the store. Soon, the video spread to other websites, and commentators everywhere left overwhelmingly positive reviews about Mary's talent.

A Professional Drummer with a Passion

Later, Mary herself commented on the situation, confirming that she indeed had experience playing the drums. In her earlier years, she played drums in several popular bands. Her first professional drumming experience was with the group "The Chantells." Mary faced many challenges as a female drummer, with many rockers not taking her seriously. The bands she played in frequently disbanded and reformed, but she always managed to find a place in a new collective. Her last band disbanded in 1990, and since then, the only opportunity for this elderly rocker to play drums has been in visits to specialty music stores.