Michael Savage

Michael Savage

American radio host, author of programs and books, political commentator, Doctor of Science
Date of Birth: 31.03.1942
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Michael Savage
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Personal Life
  4. Academic Achievements
  5. Radio Career and Popularity
  6. Philanthropy and Authorship

Biography of Michael Savage

Michael Savage, born Michael Alan Weiner on March 31, 1942, in the Bronx, New York, is an American radio host, program author, book author, political commentator, and a doctor of science. He has received numerous awards, including the Freedom of Speech Award.

Michael Savage

Early Life and Education

From an early age, Michael Savage worked hard and described his childhood as difficult, mainly due to constant disagreements with his father. After graduating from Jamaica High School, Savage attended Queens College, where he earned a bachelor's degree in sociology and education. After college, he taught at a school in New York for several years.

Michael Savage

Personal Life

Savage's first marriage ended in divorce in 1964. Three years later, he remarried to a woman who continues to be his wife to this day. She has been not only a great spouse but also a helper during difficult times. Additionally, Janet gave birth to their son and daughter.

Academic Achievements

Throughout his life, Michael Savage continuously pursued further education. He earned master's degrees in ethnobotany and anthropology from the University of Hawaii. In 1978, Savage obtained a doctoral degree from the University of California in Berkeley. He gained significant experience in the field of alternative medicine and conducted extensive research on botany in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Radio Career and Popularity

In the 1980s, Savage wrote extensively on nutrition and health. Politics also played a significant role in his life, and he dedicated many hours to studying the subject. When Savage started working in radio, he quickly attracted a loyal audience. He hosted entertaining programs and eventually created his own show.

Currently, Michael Savage is one of the most popular radio hosts. Several years ago, according to statistics, his weekly listeners reached ten million. It is not surprising, as Savage possessed a rare combination of high intelligence and a wonderful sense of humor that was not bound by stereotypes.

Philanthropy and Authorship

Savage has been actively involved in charitable endeavors, primarily assisting those who suffer from legal vulnerability. In addition, he has authored several books, including "The Savage Nation: Saving America" and "Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions."