Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis

American saxophonist of Russian origin
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Mike Ellis
  2. The Apotheosis
  3. Working in Russia
  4. Concert in Kaluga
  5. Concert in Yaroslavl
  6. The Unexpected Twist

Biography of Mike Ellis

Mike Ellis is an American saxophonist of Russian descent. He has achieved great success and recognition for his musical talent, particularly in Russia. Ellis has collaborated with several Russian musicians and has performed in various cities across the country.

The Apotheosis

One of the highlights of Ellis's career was when he played a piece called "Zone" together with Razin and Ivanushkin. This composition, which they had recorded a year ago and is now featured on the album "Ex Tempore," received a thunderous ovation from the audience. It was during this performance that a surprise guest joined the musicians on stage to the audience's delight.

Working in Russia

Ellis's fifth visit to Russia was primarily focused on preparing for his upcoming performance and recording of a major composition for a symphony orchestra, vocalists, and jazz soloists. The first part of this composition, titled "Volga Song," was performed in May of this year at the "Alternative" festival in Moscow. Despite his busy schedule, Ellis found time to play with his regular Russian musical partners.

Concert in Kaluga

On October 20th, Ellis performed in Kaluga alongside saxophonist Oleg Kireev and his new group, Music Band. The concert, organized by local enthusiast Oleg Akimov, took place in the welcoming space of an art gallery. The performance attracted around two hundred jazz enthusiasts from Kaluga, a city that was previously considered "dead" in terms of jazz music. The concert marked a positive change in the city's jazz scene, thanks in part to the efforts of Akimov and the jazz promotion on the local TV channel.

Concert in Yaroslavl

On October 23rd, Ellis performed in Yaroslavl with the "Second Approach" project led by pianist Andrey Razin. "Second Approach" is an open formation that includes various guest soloists alongside its core members. Ellis has collaborated with the project multiple times and has even recorded an album titled "Ex Tempore" with them, which is set to be released in Germany soon. The concert in Yaroslavl was held in the city's jazz center and featured two sections, with the second section showcasing the unique combination of Ellis's saxophone and the project's music.

The Unexpected Twist

During the performance of the song "Zone," a surprise twist occurred when a police officer, who also happened to be a saxophonist from the Yaroslavl police orchestra, joined the musicians on stage. This unexpected moment added a humorous touch to the show, and the officer performed alongside vocalist Tatiana Komova. The following day, the police saxophonist attended a masterclass conducted by Ellis, where they discussed breathing techniques and the art of swing.

Mike Ellis continues to make significant contributions to the jazz music scene, both in the United States and Russia. His collaborations with Russian musicians and his dedication to his craft have earned him a strong following and acclaim in the country.