Paul Poirier

Paul Poirier

Canadian figure skater performing in ice dancing.
Date of Birth: 06.11.1991
Country: Canada

  1. Biography of Paul Poirier
  2. Early Career
  3. Partnership with Vanessa Crone
  4. Partnership with Piper Gilles
  5. Recent Achievements
  6. Current Season

Biography of Paul Poirier

Paul Poirier is a Canadian figure skater who specializes in ice dancing. He has had a successful career, achieving numerous accolades and medals throughout his skating journey.

Paul Poirier

Early Career

Paul Poirier started his skating career as a singles skater and competed at the junior level. In 2008, he became the silver medalist at the Canadian Junior Championships. He also participated in the junior Grand Prix series during the 2008/2009 season.

Partnership with Vanessa Crone

In 2001, Poirier teamed up with Vanessa Crone to form an ice dancing pair. They quickly achieved success and became silver medalists at the World Junior Championships in 2008. In the same season, they won the silver medal at the Skate Canada Grand Prix event but finished fourth at the French Grand Prix, missing out on qualifying for the finals.

Partnership with Piper Gilles

After a successful 10-year partnership with Vanessa Crone, Poirier announced the end of their collaboration in June 2011. In July of the same year, he formed a new ice dancing pair with Piper Gilles. They decided to represent Canada, with Gilles being a citizen of the United States. Their debut at the national championships earned them bronze medals, but they were unable to compete internationally due to the change in their partners' sporting citizenship.

Recent Achievements

In recent years, Poirier and Gilles have achieved significant accomplishments in their career. They finished second at the Autumn Classic International tournament in 2014 and secured second place at the second Grand Prix event. They confidently secured second place at the French Grand Prix, qualifying for the Grand Prix Final.

In 2015, they became vice-champions at the Canadian Championships for the second time. They also improved their previous performances at the Four Continents Championships and placed near the podium. At the World Championships in Shanghai, they once again improved their previous achievements and finished among the top six ice dancing pairs in the world.

In the following seasons, Poirier and Gilles continued to compete and achieve notable results at various events, including the Skate America Grand Prix and the Trophée de France. They consistently finished in the top three and made improvements in their performances.

In 2017, they finished third at the Canadian National Championships and secured a place in the top ten at the Continental Championships in South Korea. They also finished in the top eight at the World Championships in Helsinki.

Current Season

In the current Olympic season, Poirier and Gilles began their journey at the Autumn Classic International tournament, winning a bronze medal. They then competed in the Russian Grand Prix event, finishing near the podium.

Overall, Paul Poirier has had a successful career as an ice dancer, achieving significant milestones and representing Canada on the international stage. He continues to strive for excellence and aims to make a mark at the upcoming Olympic Games.