Polin Marua

Polin Marua

Leader of the Parti Québécois
Country: Canada

Biography of Pauline Marois

Pauline Marois is a Canadian politician who served as the leader of the Quebec Party. She began her political career in the 1970s as an assistant to two provincial government ministers. In 1981, Marois was elected to the National Assembly and went on to hold several ministerial positions, including health and finance.

Marois faced a challenging task when she became the leader of the Quebec Party. After the party's defeat in the provincial elections, she was the only candidate to replace her predecessor, Andre Boisclair, who resigned. It took her three attempts to secure the leadership position.

One of Marois' main goals was to restore the party's position as the main opposition party in the province, as it had been surpassed by the Quebec Action Democracy. To achieve this, she embarked on a series of trips across the province, meeting with party activists and calling for unity.

In addition to the political challenges, Marois also had to address the financial crisis facing her party. Finding a solution to this crisis was also on her agenda.

Born into a working-class family, Marois is the daughter of a mechanic. Before entering politics, she worked as a teacher and in the social services sector. She is a mother of four children, and her husband, Claude Blanchet, served as the head of the government's investment department in Quebec.