Randall Blythe

Randall Blythe

Vocalist of the American metal band Lamb of God and side project Halo of Locusts
Date of Birth: 21.02.1971
Country: USA

  1. Randy Blythe Biography
  2. Early Life and Influences
  3. University Years and Music
  4. Legal Troubles and Lamb of God
  5. Recognition and Philanthropy

Randy Blythe Biography

Randy Blythe is an American metal vocalist, known for his work with the band Lamb of God and his side project Halo of Locusts, also known as D. Randall Blythe.

Early Life and Influences

When Randy was 12 years old, a friend gave him a cassette tape of The Sex Pistols' album "Never Mind the Bollocks." Blythe later said that this cassette was the reason why the world would come to know him a quarter of a century later. As a teenager, Blythe sported a green mohawk and military boots, which was not well-received in his hometown of Franklin, Virginia. He recalled, "In the town I grew up in, if you didn't look like everyone else, be ready for a fight every minute. It was very, very serious. No one was joking around."

University Years and Music

Blythe's passion for music influenced his choice of university. He later recalled, "The main reason I went to study in Richmond was because there was a big music community there. I moved there under the pretext of going to college, but I really just wanted to hang out and go to concerts." At Virginia Commonwealth University, Randy Blythe studied English. He also worked as a LSD distributor in the dormitory and hosted a university radio program called "Shark's and Alice's Hour of Malice" with his girlfriend Alice Blythe. They also participated in swimming lessons at the YMCA, where they played the role of drowning children.

Legal Troubles and Lamb of God

Once in university, Blythe was arrested for urinating in public. He appeared in court with a blue mohawk and instead of the usual $20 fine, he was sentenced to 60 hours of community service. He chose to work at the library, mostly dusting shelves. In the university dormitory, Blythe met Morton, Adler, and Campbell, who formed a band together (which also included guitarist Will Adler). While Blythe listened to punk rock, his new acquaintances preferred bands like Dokken and Danzig. Randy Blythe joined Lamb of God (then known as Burn the Priest) in late 1995 when the band decided to move away from instrumental music. He became the primary lyricist, which would later establish the band as one of the most intellectually-driven acts in American rock.

Recognition and Philanthropy

In 2007, Lamb of God was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Metal Performance category for the song "Redneck." Two years later, Blythe auctioned off his nominee medal, explaining, "I don't put any value on such nominations. I have seen with my own eyes how people from record label publishing departments bribed bartenders to play certain records... It's disgusting." The proceeds from the auction were donated to the Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy Association. Blythe spends his free time reading and has always enjoyed it. He stated, "I was never interested in sports, although I was into wrestling for a while, but I didn't play football. I was the guy who read books... I always spent my free time reading, and I still do. Without books, I wouldn't understand life and would just mess up." His favorite book is the novel "All Over but the Shoutin'" by American journalist Rick Bragg.