Rina Nanase

Rina Nanase

Japanese model and adult film star
Country: Japan

  1. Biography of Rina Nanase
  2. Controversial Reception
  3. Early Life and Career
  4. Opinions on Beauty

Biography of Rina Nanase

Rina Nanase is a Japanese model and adult film star who has gained recognition for her striking appearance after undergoing multiple plastic surgeries. Many users have compared her to Dobby, the elf from the Harry Potter series. In her films, Rina goes by the pseudonym Rumi Kanda. If one were to compare photos of Rina before and after the surgeries, it would be hard to believe they are of the same person. The first photo shows a young Asian girl with a round face and a sweet smile, while the second photo showcases an elegant and slender model with features resembling that of a European woman. Rina's transformations are the result of several plastic surgeries she underwent within a year. She gradually changed the shape of her eyes, chin, and nose, which are commonly altered procedures for many Asian models seeking success in the entertainment industry.

Rina Nanase

Controversial Reception

Upon posting a photo of her new appearance on the internet, Rina received unexpected criticism and bewilderment from users. This reaction can be partly attributed to the difference in cultural beauty standards. While Europeans appreciate the distinct Asian features, many individuals in densely populated Asian countries are willing to go to great lengths, including spending fortunes, to resemble Western actresses and singers. Unfortunately, users couldn't find a more flattering comparison for Rina than Dobby, Harry Potter's loyal elf companion from the book and film series. Some believed that the surgeon responsible for her surgeries should be immediately fired, while others thought Rina would suffer from her decision for the rest of her life. Interestingly, Rina herself does not understand this negative reaction and firmly believes she has achieved true perfection in her appearance.

Early Life and Career

Rina Nanase was born in Japan and gained fame as an adult film star. Despite her success, she has never been confident in her appearance and decided to correct nature's mistakes through the surgeon's knife. At the age of 25, she began undergoing a series of plastic surgeries, following a carefully planned approach. Rina documented all of her transformations and shared them on her social media pages. However, it was the photos showing her at the age of 17 and at 25, after all the surgeries, that garnered the most attention. Many users immediately assumed that Rina fell into a small percentage of people for whom plastic surgery is not recommended, at least not to the extent she underwent. Some users pointed out the resemblance between Rina and the house-elf from the Harry Potter series. However, Rina views such comparisons as a testament to people's envy. In her opinion, the more people dislike her new appearance, the more successful the surgery was.

Opinions on Beauty

It should be noted that Rina received the most criticism from foreigners who still find Asian beauty charming and view the alteration of it as a crime. Ultimately, this story raises the question of whom plastic surgery is for. If the woman herself is satisfied, and her new face meets the beauty standards of modern Japan, does the opinion of readers from European and American internet magazines hold any significance?