Samanta Matis

Samanta Matis

Date of Birth: 12.05.1970
Country: USA

Biography of Samantha Mathis

Samantha Mathis is an actress who was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Her mother, actress Bibi Besch, divorced when Samantha was just two years old, so her childhood was spent on rehearsals and film sets - there was simply no one to leave the child with. She got her first "role" as a baby at six months old - in a commercial for baby products. The next time she appeared in a commercial was only in 1986 - her mother did not encourage involvement in theater and film. She was first noticed in the film industry in 1991 after the release of the cult film "Pump Up the Volume," where she convincingly played a young arrogant and self-confident poetess, like the rest of her classmates, who loved the radio show and its host.

1993 was a critical year for Samantha, both successful and tragic. It brought her first serious leading role - the naive, not very talented but energetic Miranda Presley in the film "The Thing Called Love" - about a group of young musicians trying to make it in Nashville. Here she was able to showcase her musical abilities because the actors themselves performed the songs. Soon after this, her lover and co-star in the film River Phoenix tragically died, whom Samantha met when she was 19. He died of a drug overdose literally in her arms, when he was leaving a club where he had gone just to play the guitar.

Great expectations were placed on "Broken Arrow" (1996). After "Terminator" and "Speed," studios believed that women can be not only passive victims but also active participants in events in films. Samantha was expected to become the next Sandra Bullock. During the filming of the movie, Mathis learned a lot and gained more confidence in herself, but unfortunately, the expectations were not met, and she did not become a top-tier "star" after "Broken Arrow."

Mathis currently lives in Los Angeles, where she spent her childhood. In her profession as an actress, she enjoys the opportunity to transform and live the life of another person. She would like to play a darker dramatic role, like a young prostitute in "The Music of Chance" (1993). This aspect of her acting talent has not yet been fully explored and may bring her the desired success.