Shi Zhengrong

Shi Zhengrong

Owner of the company "Suntech Power"
Country: China

  1. Biography of Shi Zhengrong
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Research Career
  4. Entrepreneurial Success

Biography of Shi Zhengrong

Early Life and Education

Shi Zhengrong was born in 1963 on the island of Yangzhong. His family faced difficulties due to frequent periods of famine, but Shi still managed to attend school and became the top student. At the age of sixteen, he left for Manchuria to further his education. With his exceptional abilities, Shi excelled academically and obtained a master's degree in laser physics and a doctorate in electrical engineering.

Research Career

In 1988, Shi traveled from Shanghai to Australia. It was a risky journey, but he was determined to pursue his dreams. He arrived at the University of Sydney in 1989, where he found a job and began conducting research on solar energy. His remarkable achievements led him to earn his doctorate within a few years. In 1995, Shi was appointed as the director of the university's research branch focused on solar energy and its importance for future generations.

Entrepreneurial Success

In 2001, Shi relocated to the city of Wuxi to lead a solar-cell startup. The local government provided significant financial support of six million dollars, enabling Shi to establish his own solar battery factory. Sales grew rapidly, and in December 2005, Suntech Power, a major Chinese private company, was born. This achievement propelled Shi to become one of the wealthiest individuals in China and one of the most affluent citizens of Australia. Suntech Power continues to expand at an astonishing pace, with analysts predicting revenue growth comparable to that of major oil conglomerates.