Silvio Scaglia

Silvio Scaglia

Businessman, owner of the telecommunications company “Babelgum”
Country: Italy

  1. Biography of Silvio Scaglia
  2. Education and Early Career
  3. Success at Vodafone
  4. Founding FASTWEB
  5. Establishing Babelgum

Biography of Silvio Scaglia

Silvio Scaglia was born in Italy in 1958. He is known as a prominent entrepreneur and currently serves as the sole owner of the telecommunications company "Babelgum". He also holds a controlling stake in the Italian company "Fastweb S.p.A.".

Education and Early Career

Silvio Scaglia obtained his higher education at the Politecnico di Torino, where he studied telecommunications. After completing his studies, he began his professional career at the consulting firms "McKinsey e Bain & Co." as a consultant.

Success at Vodafone

Following his time at "McKinsey e Bain & Co.", Silvio Scaglia joined the company "Omnitel" where he quickly rose to the position of Chief Administrator. Several years later, the company was renamed "Vodafone" and became the second-largest wireless communication company in Italy. It was during his tenure at Vodafone that Scaglia gained a reputation as a successful businessman. He significantly increased the company's subscriber base from 300,000 to 8 million within a short period of time.

Founding FASTWEB

In September 1999, Silvio Scaglia founded the company "FASTWEB" with a focus on innovative internet technologies. He invested approximately 4 billion euros into this project. "FASTWEB" became one of the first companies in the world to utilize a large-scale integrated internet network operating on optical fiber. The company provided high-quality internet and television services to the population. Currently, "FASTWEB" is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Italy, second only to "Telecom Italia".

Establishing Babelgum

In 2005, Silvio Scaglia established the company "Babelgum" with a focus on telecommunications. He organized the structure and operations of the company according to the latest economic developments. The business strategy he implemented allowed him to amass a billion-dollar fortune in a relatively short period of time. "Babelgum" uses only innovative advanced technologies and provides high-quality services to its customers at a reasonable cost. The company is a market leader in the media industry.