Tim Yeo

Tim Yeo

British politician
Date of Birth: 20.03.1945
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Tim Yeo
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Early Career
  4. Political Career
  5. Other Positions and Controversies

Biography of Tim Yeo

Timothy Stephen Kenneth Yeo, born on March 20, 1945, in London, is a British Conservative politician. He is a Member of Parliament for the South Suffolk constituency and serves as the Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.

Tim Yeo

Early Life and Education

Yeo attended the prestigious Charterhouse School, one of the oldest schools in England. He then went on to study history at Emmanuel College, Cambridge University, graduating in 1968.

Tim Yeo

Early Career

From 1970 to 1973, Yeo worked as an assistant treasurer at Bankers Trust Company. He later became the Managing Director of Worcester Engineering Company from 1975 to 1986. In the 1980s, Yeo also served as the Executive Director of the Spastics Society, now known as Scope, a charitable organization.

Tim Yeo

Political Career

Yeo's political career began in February 1974 when he participated in the Parliamentary elections for the Bedwellty constituency. In 1983, he was elected to Parliament for the South Suffolk constituency. In 1988, Yeo became the parliamentary private secretary to Home Secretary Douglas Hurd. In 1992, he was appointed Minister for the Environment and Countryside in Prime Minister John Major's government. However, he resigned from the position in 1994 following a scandal involving the birth of his illegitimate child.

Tim Yeo

Yeo continued his political career after the Conservative Party's defeat in the 1997 General Election. He was appointed the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Transport, and the Regions by party leader William Hague. From 2001 to 2005, Yeo served in the shadow cabinet under the leadership of Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Howard, responsible for trade and industry. He also held shadow ministerial positions in education, health, and transport during this time. Yeo left the shadow cabinet after the 2005 General Election to consider his role in the future of the Conservative Party.

Currently, Yeo is known for his role as the Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, where he influences the energy policy of the United Kingdom. In 2013, he emphasized the need for the government to reach an agreement on expanding nuclear energy and warned of the potential energy crisis if negotiations were not expedited.

Other Positions and Controversies

Aside from his political career, Yeo holds various positions in companies such as Univent plc, TMO Renewables, Eco City Vehicles plc, and AFC Energy plc. He also leads several corporations alongside his wife, including Locana Corporation (London) Ltd., Anacol Holdings Ltd., and General Securities Register Ltd. Yeo serves as a director of ITI Energy Ltd and is a member of the board of Groupe Eurotunnel S.A. Additionally, he regularly contributes articles to publications such as Golf Weekly, Country Life, and the Financial Times.

Currently, Yeo is embroiled in a scandal in the United Kingdom, accused of providing consultancy services for a substantial fee and sharing internal information from the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee.