Vasiliy Brataniuk

Vasiliy Brataniuk

Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Vasily Bratanyuk
  2. Painting Style
  3. Well-Known Works
  4. Unique Style and Approach
  5. Inspiration and Influences
  6. Achievements and Exhibitions

Biography of Vasily Bratanyuk

Vasily Bratanyuk is a renowned Russian painter and a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. He is known as a representative of the Saint Petersburg School of Painting. Bratanyuk graduated from the Odessa Art School named after M.B. Grekov and the I.E. Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture of the Russian Academy of Arts. He studied under the guidance of prominent artists such as K.N. Lomykin, M.M. Bozhia, T.N. Yablonskaya, as well as the academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts, Yu.M. Neprinsev and O.A. Eremeev.

Painting Style

In his artistic career, Bratanyuk has primarily focused on the genre of ballet. His works reflect the possibilities of the Russian academic school of the modern period. The artist constantly improves his techniques and principles of painting, relying on the traditions of the Russian realistic school. He is known for his ability to capture the nuances of the dancers' creative state and convey the emotions and souls of his heroines through his paintings.

Well-Known Works

Some of Bratanyuk's most famous works include "Tears of Creativity" (2000), "Ballerina Tying Her Pointe Shoes" (1996), "Portrait of People's Artist of Russia M.M. Plisetskaya" (1998), and "Intermission. Leading Ballet Dancer Anna Sysoeva" (2005). Through these paintings, the artist showcases the creative essence of ballerinas and educators, capturing their inner emotions. Bratanyuk continuously experiments with different poses and angles to avoid compositional monotony, while incorporating academic painting techniques in each artwork.

Unique Style and Approach

One of the artist's distinctive features is his ability to find the perfect balance of drawing within the overall composition of the painting. For example, in his work "Young Dancer" (1997), the drawing is precise and refined, while in "Ballet Dancer from Boris Eifman's Ballet, Evgeniya Zatbayeva" (2006), the drawing appears more blurred, capturing the movement of the ballerina. Bratanyuk also fearlessly employs thick impasto brushstrokes in certain works to emphasize the enchanting world of ballet and the charm of its characters.

Inspiration and Influences

Bratanyuk's paintings often feature extraordinary personalities from the world of ballet, as well as figures from other fields, such as renowned artist O.A. Eremeev, academician D.S. Likhachev, and intelligence officer E.P. Liliental. Despite the diversity of his subjects and situations, the artist consistently aims to evoke a sense of tenderness and delicacy in his artworks. His compositions lack dynamic elements, aligning with the traditions of the academic school. The color palette of his paintings is usually limited to a few vibrant hues, further enhancing the beauty and harmony of each piece.

Achievements and Exhibitions

Vasily Bratanyuk has participated in numerous exhibitions in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and internationally. In 2000, he received the Grand Prix for his exhibition "Ballet through the Eyes of Artists." He has also held several solo exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide, including the I. Brodsky Museum in Saint Petersburg, the United States, Egypt, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Bratanyuk's works are featured in the collections of the Russian Academy of Arts, the A.Ya. Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet, as well as museums in Saint Petersburg, the United Kingdom, and private collections in Russia and eighteen other countries.