Yana Troyanova

Yana Troyanova


Biography of Yana Troyanova

Yana Troyanova was born and raised in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinburg). Her mother, an 18-year-old girl, met the singer Victor Smirnov from the popular Sverdlovsk restaurant "Serebryanye Kopytse," fell in love, and became pregnant. Instead of informing Yana's father about the pregnancy, her mother decided to raise her daughter on her own. She even gave her a different patronymic - Alexandrovna, in honor of Pushkin. Yana also changed her surname - they were originally Mokritskie, but they became Troyanova (her mother found the name in an encyclopedia and liked it).

Yana Troyanova

Since a young age, Yana had dreams of becoming an actress. However, the path to this profession turned out to be difficult. She graduated from school in the 90s, when the country was facing a severe economic and cultural crisis. The acting profession was not in demand, so she decided to study at the Faculty of Philosophy at the Ural State University to develop herself and discover her true passion. After six years of studying and defending her thesis on Freud, Yana realized that she deeply hated philosophy. She concealed the fact that she already had a higher education and applied to the Yekaterinburg Theater Institute, where she was admitted to V. Anisimov's workshop on her first try.

Yana Troyanova

However, she did not stay in the institute for long. After the first year, she realized that further education was not interesting to her. Yana stated, "I love this profession so much that I don't need a diploma anymore. I don't want to lose my nature. On stage, they control everything you do, and it becomes a mess. I knew that it would kill my natural way of speaking, which I wanted to preserve. The theater is a trap when they turn you into these ladies. Actresses come out of theater institutes as ready-made Karens. With all my respect for the master, I left."

During her studies at the Theater Institute, Yana Troyanova also worked at the local Drama Theater in Ekaterinburg. It was there that she met playwright Vasily Sigarev. The theater decided to stage his play "Black Milk" and asked Vasily to write it. However, he suggested directing it himself and casting Yana in the lead role. The rehearsals were soon interrupted due to intrigues. Vasily Sigarev left the theater, and despite the persuasion of the management to stay, Yana also left.

A year later, Nikolai Kolyada invited Vasily Sigarev and Yana Troyanova to his "Kolyada Theater." However, they did not stay there for long either, as their rebellious and free-spirited nature seemed to play a role. Nevertheless, as a couple (Vasily and Yana became spouses), they decided to leave the stage and focus on the film industry. Vasily originally planned to shoot "Plasticine" based on his own play, but due to lack of funds, the project did not materialize. By that time, Vasily had completed a new play called "Volchok," and he was eager to film it. Vasily Sigarev and Yana Troyanova even considered selling their own apartment to start shooting. Fortunately, they did not have to do that as producer Roman Borisovich approved the film.

The plot of the film "Volchok" is harsh and realistic. Yana Troyanova played the role of a reckless mother who lives life to the fullest, drinks, and parties without paying attention to her growing daughter. The daughter follows her mother because she cannot imagine herself or the world without her. The film portrays a broken childhood, the child's longing for their mother, and the cruelty of adults. "Volchok" received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the Grand Prix for Best Actress to Yana Troyanova and Best Screenplay to Vasily Sigarev at the 2009 Kinotavr Film Festival.

After the success of "Volchok," Yana Troyanova took a break from acting, patiently waiting for her husband's new play. Finally, the play was born, titled "Zhit" ("To Live"). It was even more intense and terrifying than "Volchok." In 2012, Yana Troyanova starred in the film adaptation of "Zhit," which consisted of three stories unified by the theme of life and death. The film explored the interconnectedness of life, death, and the afterlife through abstract visions and symbols. Yana's performance, along with the entire cast, was highly praised. However, she did not take on any roles for the next two years, waiting for her husband's next project.

Yana Troyanova is known for her sincerity and dedication to her craft. She loves to play each role as if it were her last, putting her whole self into every performance. She believes in playing characters truthfully and genuinely. Yana has a natural talent for portraying women from ordinary backgrounds, and she prefers such roles over classical heroines. Her performances are characterized by honesty, selflessness, and a deep understanding of the characters she embodies.

Throughout her career, Yana Troyanova has received critical acclaim and has been recognized with numerous awards for her outstanding performances. She continues to impress audiences with her powerful on-screen presence and dedication to her craft.