Edgar Colle

Edgar Colle

Belgian chess player, 6-time national champion.
Date of Birth: 18.05.1897
Country: Belgium

  1. Biography of Edgar Colle
  2. International Tournaments
  3. Matches
  4. Contributions to Chess Theory
  5. Playing Style

Biography of Edgar Colle

Edgar Colle was a Belgian chess player who was a six-time champion of his country. He is known for his exceptional contributions to chess theory and his sharp combinational style of play.

International Tournaments

Colle achieved his best results in various international tournaments throughout his career. In 1923, he finished 3rd to 5th in Scheveningen. In 1924, he secured a 3rd place in Paris, just behind M. Euwe. He also finished 3rd to 4th in Hastings (1923/1924) and claimed the top spot in Amsterdam and Merano in 1926. In the following year, Colle secured 2nd place in Hastings (1926/1927). He also achieved remarkable results in Scarborough, finishing 1st to 2nd in both 1926 and 1927. In 1927, he finished 3rd in Nijmegen, and in 1928/1929, he claimed 1st to 3rd place in Hastings, along with F. Marshall and S. Takacs. Colle finished 3rd in Barcelona in 1929, 1st in Scarborough in 1930, and 2nd in Rotterdam in the same year.


Apart from his success in tournaments, Colle also participated in several matches against notable opponents. He faced M. Euwe in 1924, with a score of 3 wins and 5 losses, and again in 1928, with a dominant score of 5.5 wins to 0.5. In 1925, he played against J. Coltonovski, winning 4 games, drawing 3, and losing none. In 1927, Colle had a match against A. Takels, securing 4 wins, no losses, and 2 draws.

Contributions to Chess Theory

One of Colle's greatest contributions to chess was in the field of chess theory. He made significant contributions to the theory of opening variations, particularly in the Queen's Pawn Opening and the Chigorin Defense. His ideas and innovations have left a lasting impact on the development of chess strategy.

Playing Style

Edgar Colle was renowned for his sharp combinational style of play. He had a keen tactical vision and was able to create intricate combinations on the board. His ability to calculate complex positions and find creative solutions made him a formidable opponent.

Overall, Edgar Colle was a highly accomplished Belgian chess player who achieved success in both national and international arenas. His contributions to chess theory and his unique playing style have solidified his place in chess history.