Joseph Kleynerman

Joseph Kleynerman

American doctor
Country: USA

Biography of Joseph Kleinerman

Joseph Kleinerman, an American doctor, was born in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Coming from a family with a strong medical background, both his parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles worked in the medical field. After completing school, Joseph moved to Riga, where he enrolled and successfully graduated from the medical institute and found a job at a clinical hospital.

In 1980, Joseph immigrated to the United States with his family, including his wife, son, and mother-in-law. Adjusting to life in a new country was not easy, as the medical education system and requirements were different. Joseph had to pass American exams, undergo residency training, and only then could he start practicing medicine, conducting research, or working in a hospital. It took him about four years to complete all the necessary exams and bureaucratic procedures. During this time, he worked various jobs to support his family, including driving a taxi for two years.

In 1984, Joseph finally became a resident and began his specialization in gynecology. However, he later had to change his specialty and started studying internal medicine. By 1990, he was able to open his own private practice in Brooklyn, which proved to be a profitable venture and continues to thrive to this day.

Joseph and his wife have two sons. Their eldest, Fedor, currently works in the stock market, while their second son, Mark, is still undecided about his profession but has shown interest in becoming a lawyer. Joseph supports his son's aspiration, believing that knowledge of law is always beneficial, even if he doesn't pursue it as a career. Joseph's wife is also involved in the medical field, working as a pathologist in a New York laboratory.

Running his private practice not only improved Joseph's financial situation but also introduced him to numerous well-known individuals. Through his work, Joseph had the opportunity to interact with actors, composers, poets, and musicians. He often crossed paths with members of the Russian comedy group KVN, thanks to his acquaintance with Dr. Poznyansky. This connection led Joseph to meet Mikhail Zhvanetsky, Janislav Levinzon, Veniamin Smekhov, and Valery Khayt.

Joseph is an avid traveler, enjoying exploring new, unfamiliar places. He often embarks on these journeys accompanied by friends, acquaintances, and family members. While practicing medicine remains his true calling, Joseph has also established the "Center for Integrated Medicine." This center focuses on studying various treatment methods, including unconventional approaches like acupuncture and leech therapy, to determine the most suitable treatments for different illnesses.

Joseph also engages in numerous charitable activities, using his resources to support various cultural events and initiatives in his community. Money is not a significant concern for him, and he readily donates to causes he believes in, particularly those related to healthcare.

Overall, Joseph Kleinerman's life and career have been marked by his dedication to medicine, his success as a private practitioner, and his commitment to philanthropy. His passion for saving lives and his interest in exploring different approaches to healthcare make him a respected figure in his field.

Hu Syhuey
Hu Syhuey