Pavel Kormunin

Pavel Kormunin

Date of Birth: 28.01.1919
Country: Belarus

  1. Pavel Kormunin - People's Artist of Belarus
  2. Early Career
  3. Notable Works
  4. Personal Life

Pavel Kormunin - People's Artist of Belarus

Pavel Vasilyevich Kormunin is a renowned actor and People's Artist of Belarus. He is known for his exceptional portrayal of literary characters on stage and screen. With over two hundred roles to his credit, Kormunin has established himself as a versatile and talented actor.

Early Career

Kormunin began his acting career in post-war Germany, where he performed at the Theater of the Soviet Military Administration. After completing his studies and working in Kazan, he was invited to Belarus by the former artistic director of the Kupala Theatre, Lev Litvinov. It was in Belarus that Kormunin played his most significant roles, becoming an integral part of the Belarusian theatre scene.

Notable Works

Throughout his career, Kormunin has appeared in a wide range of productions across various genres. Some of his notable works include:

- "Odni" (1966)
- "I Come from Childhood" (1966)
- "Boy and Girl" (1966)
- "The Road to Ryubetsal" (1970)
- "Happy Man" (1970)
- "Red Square" (1970)
- "Path to the Heart" (1970)
- "Polonaise Oginski" (1971)
- "Rudobelskaya Republic" (1971)
- "Unintended Love" (1971)
- "The Branded Atom" (1972)
- "Days of Criminal Investigation" (1973)
- "Mother-in-Law" (1974)
- "The Great Trampoline" (1974)
- "Hatred" (1977)
- "Widows" (1977)
- "In a New Place" (1979)
- "Meeting at the End of Winter" (1979)
- "The Story of a Slap" (1980)
- "Floodplains" (1980)
- "Father and Son" (1980)
- "People in the Swamp" (1981)
- "The Only Man" (1981)
- "Specialty Exam" (1982)
- "Another's Homeland" (1982)
- "Breath of Thunder" (1983)
- "Bow to the Ground" (1985)
- "Where Are You Going, Soldier?" (1985)
- "By the Call of the Heart" (1986)
- "By 206th Street..." (1990)
- "Vanka-Vstanka" (1992)
- "Birds Without Nests" (1996)

These works showcase Kormunin's ability to bring characters to life and portray a diverse range of emotions and experiences. His performances have left a lasting impact on the Belarusian theater and film industry.

Personal Life

Pavel Kormunin's dedication to his craft and his contribution to the arts have earned him widespread recognition and numerous accolades throughout his career. He continues to inspire audiences with his talent and passion for acting.